Asset Management in Oil & Gas – Thematic Research

In view of the increasing competition and narrowing margins among oil and gas companies, asset management is obtaining greater relevance in enhancing operational efficiencies. The industry also has to manage aging infrastructure to extract optimum performance from them while minimizing health and safety risks. Asset management solutions can play a pivotal role in making this happen along with ensuring that operational costs are kept in control. These solutions also improve the overall uptime and performance of assets and prolong their operational life. Moreover, the growing need to curb greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations is giving added impetus to implementing asset management solutions.


Overview of asset management as a theme in the oil and gas industry and its impact on operations

Analyzing the objective of asset management program in the context of oil and gas industry

A brief overview of the asset management lifecycle in relation to the oil and gas value chain

Assessment of competitive positions of the major oil and gas companies and asset management solution providers

Reasons to buy

Understand the importance of implementing asset management solutions in oil and gas operations

Identify the key trends for asset management theme in the oil and gas industry

Understand the asset management technology value chain for the oil and gas industry and identify some of the leaders and challengers at each stage of the value chain

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies and solution providers based on their exposure to asset management theme

Table of Contents



Oil & gas sector trends 4

Technology trends 5

Macroeconomic trends 7


Objectives of an asset management program 8

Maintenance is at the core of any asset management program 9

Digital transformation in asset management 10

North American companies turning to asset management to sustain aging infrastructure 10

Digital twin implementation is the main feature of asset management strategy in the North Sea 11

Asset management in other regions 11

Prioritizing asset management today could lead to potential rewards down the road 11


Device layer 15

Connectivity layer 18

Asset management applications layer 19

Asset analytics layer 20

Services layer 21


Oil and gas companies 22

Asset management providers 24



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