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Digital Oilfield – Thematic Research

Digital oilfield is a concept that combines business process management with digital technologies to automate workflows for maximizing productivity, reducing costs, and minimize the overall risks associated with oil and gas operations. It is to designed to transform the upstream sector by enabling in creation of a ‘digital twin’ that replicates the performance of an oilfield on a computer. In the last fifteen years, the adoption of digital oilfields has gained impetus due to the advancements in sensors, robotics, automation and control systems, wireless networks, machine learning and data analytics tools.


The report analyses the impact of digital oilfield as a theme on the oil & gas industry.

– The report discusses how oil and gas industry is gearing up to adopt digital oilfields to improve competitiveness and sustainability.

– The report evaluates the major factors contributing to the adoption of digital oilfield.

– The report also examines the contribution of technology providers in enabling the development of digital oilfield technologies.

Reasons to buy

The report provides an insight on the digital oilfield technologies, explaining the developments happening across in oil and gas industry in enabling the digital transformation.

Identify the key trends in digital oilfield.

Understand the digital oilfield value chain in the context of the oil and gas industry and identify the leaders and challengers at each stage of the value chain.

To identify and benchmark the key companies in the digital oilfield theme.

Table of Contents



Oil & gas sector trends

Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

Industry analysis

Role played by automation and control providers

Technology and data analytics providers enabling digital oilfield

Value chain

Devices and equipment makers

Connectivity providers

Data management and analytics companies

Visualization and reporting enablers

Service providers


Oil and gas companies

Oilfield service providers

Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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