Europe to be a Potential Market Destination for Nuclear Equipment Suppliers

The European region is expected to be the potential market for nuclear equipment suppliers due to nuclear power expansion plans in this region. Currently, 20 new nuclear reactors are in the under construction phase and additionally, more than 49 nuclear reactors are in the planned and proposed stage in Europe. The European region’s nuclear power industry has grown at a slower pace due to safety concerns about nuclear power over the last decade; some of the countries had made the decision to phase out nuclear power as result of which they delayed nuclear power expansion plans. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is one of the key policies introduced by the European Commission to help meet the European Union’s (EU’s) 8% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol. The European countries have already set a huge target to reduce carbon emissions during the period 2010-2030. These countries are looking forward towards developing nuclear power to achieve these targets. Countries such as Finland, Russia and the UK are planning to expand their existing fleet whilst Turkey, Poland, Italy and Belarus are emerging as nuclear power countries. This will significantly contribute to the growth of key nuclear components used in both the primary and secondary systems of nuclear power generation facilities. The nuclear equipment manufacturers such as Areva, Siemens AG, Alstom Power, Equipos Nucleares S.A (ENSA), JSC Atomstroyexport, OMZ Izhora and Zio-Podolsk are focusing to capture the local nuclear equipment market. Nuclear power expansion plans in Europe provide a tremendous scope for the original equipment manufacturers of nuclear equipment to target this market.


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