Mining Industry Quarterly Review, Q1 2021 – Tracking Commodity Prices, Production and Projects

Development of COVID-19 vaccines and improving economic outlook reduced the attractiveness of gold as a safe heaven in Q1 2021. Overall, gold prices averaged US$1,638.6/oz in Q1 2021, down by 4.1% versus the previous quarter. The development project momentum dropped from 1.5% in Q4 2020 to 1.04% in Q1 2021, a fifth consecutive fall, mainly due to COVID-19. Only 28 mineral projects advanced in Q1 2021, down from 40 projects in Q4 2020 and 61 during Q3 2020. Although, the development pace in Australia declined, it still accounted for one fourth of the development. Overall, around 60.7% of the total development was observed in Australia, Peru, Canada and India, collectively.


Analyse mineral commodity trends at a global level

Track ESG developments in mining industry

Company production highlights for Q1 2021

Analyse project developments in the mining industry

Compare number of development projects in the mining industry by country, commodity and company

Track latest mining industry developments

Geographies covered include – Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Oceania and Former Soviet Union.

Analyse impact of coronavirus on the global mining industry

Reasons to buy

Comprehensive evaluation of all development projects by commodity, country and company

Assess trends in project momentum

Analyse forecasted production trends for core commodities

Understand trends with 2020 capex guidance for leading miners

Track latest company developments

Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of coronavirus on the global mining industry

To understand ESG related developments in mining industry

Table of Contents


Commodity Trends

Development Projects Update

Capital Expenditure

Market Developments

Digitization & ESG in Mining

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