Mining Quarterly Review – Q4 2019

Prices of precious metals increased in Q4 2019, on concerns for slower economic growth and the potential for a global economic downturn. There was also positive changes in the prices of copper and iron ore towards the end of the year. Project momentum increased in Q4 2019, with 3.9% of developing projects moving to the next stage of development. Most of the development was observed across mines located in Australia, Canada, Russia, and India.


• Analyse mineral commodity trends at a global level

• Company production highlights for Q4 2019

• Analyse project developments in the mining industry

• Compare number of development projects in the mining industry by country, commodity and company

• Identify the major projects that advanced in the most recent quarter

• Compare mining industry capital expenditure for construction projects segregated by country and commodity

• Analyse development CAPEX trends by region, country, and commodity

• Track latest mining industry developments

• Geographies covered include – Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Oceania and Former Soviet Union.

• Analyse impact of coronavirus on the global mining industry

Reasons to buy

• Comprehensive evaluation of all development projects by commodity, country and company

• Assess trends in project momentum

• Analyse forecasted production trends for core commodities and mining ROM production

• Predict development CAPEX trends across region, country, and commodity

• Track latest company developments

• Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of coronavirus on the global mining industry

Table of Contents


Commodity Trends

ROM Production Snapshot

Project Advancements

Development Projects Update

Development Capital Expenditure

Market Developments



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