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Global Mine-Site Technology Adoption Survey, 2020

The drive to improve productivity and reduce downtime will lead to further investment by mining companies, large and small, in predictive maintenance for both plant and mobile equipment in the next two years. A mine-site survey by the company revealed that, while over three quarters of mines had already made at least minor investments into predictive maintenance, 48% of miners surveyed expected to either invest in the technology for the first time or invest further in the coming two years. Further, 43% expected to invest in predictive maintenance for mobile machinery over the same period.



David Kurtz, Director of Analysis, Mining and Construction at GlobalData commented:

“Further investment in predictive maintenance is critical for mines looking to improve productivity and reduce expensive downtime. The ability of predictive maintenance to collect real-time data from sensors on equipment and use data analytics to detect potential problems before they lead to machine failure not only ensures continued productivity of critical operations, but saves money in parts and labour and can even extend the life of equipment, so the benefits of this technology are considerable.”

GlobalData’s “Global Mine-Site Technology Adoption Survey, 2020” analyses the results of interviews with key personnel at over 150 operating mines across the globe. The survey examines trends in uptake of 13 technologies at the mine site, spanning mine management software, predictive maintenance, drones, autonomous vehicles, collision avoidance, wearables, remote control vehicles and more. The report also identifies intentions to invest in the next two years, and compares results by region, mine type and company type.


The survey was conducted in November and December 2020, and included only operating mine sites.

Respondents included mine managers, general managers and mine-site IT managers, and interviews were conducted via the telephone or via surveys emailed to qualified individuals.

A total of 158 responses were received from separate mine sites, giving a confidence interval (margin of error) of 7.7% with a 95% confidence level.

Some 47% of responses were from surface-only mines; 27% from underground-only, and 26% from individuals where the mines had both surface and underground operations. Only one response was accepted per mine.

The split between majors and mid-tier miners or producing juniors was 62% to 38%, respectively.

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Assess the current adoption rates for each of 13 key technologies

Compare adoption by mine type, region and company type

Assess the potential for future investment by technology, both new investment and future investment.

Analyse potential investment rates by region, mine type and company type

Table of Contents

Survey Scope & Methodology

Executive Summary

Global Overview

Regional Summaries


Technology Summaries


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