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Cloud Computing in Mining – Thematic Research

Several issues face mining companies today include: deeper mines, depleting ore quality, rising costs, increased investor scrutiny, remote mine locations, infrastructure shortages, and poor safety reputation. Finding ways to stay competitive and improve safety performance are top priorities for mining companies.

With the modern mine generating vast amounts of data from monitoring devices, the challenge for the industry is deriving actionable insights from it. However, data is often held in disparate systems leading to poor collaboration and worsening project productivity.


This report presents an overview of adoption of cloud computing technologies, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

The report provides an overview of the competitive positions held by technology vendors, and mining companies in the cloud computing theme.

It analyses the cloud value chain, the challenges faced by the mining industry, and how cloud computing is enabling the industry to tackle these challenges.

It also discusses some successful cloud computing case studies in the mining industry.

Reasons to Buy

Build an understanding of cloud computing technology and its applications in the mining industry.

Identify key industry challenges driving cloud adoption in the mining industry.

Explore cloud implementation options and leading vendor partners.

Review case study implementations from leading mining companies.

Understand market size and growth forecasts for cloud computing in mining industry.

Identify and benchmark key mining companies adopting cloud computing technologies.

Table of Contents

Cloud Computing in Mining

Cloud value chain

Key players in the cloud value chain

Cloud services (IaaS and PaaS)

Cloud services (SaaS)

Cloud professional services model

Mining challenges

The impact of cloud on mining

Case studies

Market size and growth forecasts

Cloud timeline


Leading cloud adopters in mining

Leading cloud vendors

Specialist cloud vendors in mining


Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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