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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) sits at the intersection of multiple emerging technologies in the MedTech space including wearable technology, electronic medical records and telemedicine. Over the last decade, RPM via noninvasive digital technologies has become a common way to obtain patient health data. The main targets of RPM are those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, arrhythmias, and chronic kidney conditions. RPM provides these types of patients with the ability to better manage their chronic conditions and understand contributing factors to their specific pathologies.


This is a single theme report providing in-house analyst expertise on remote patient monitoring. Components of the report include key players, key trends expected to occur over the next 12 to 24 months, and an industry analysis identifying the various busines segments and markets related to remote patient monitoring.

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Develop and design your corporate strategies through an in-house expert analysis of remote patient monitoring and the impact on the medical device industry.

Stay up to date on the major players and where they sit in the value chain.

Identify emerging industry trends in remote patient monitoring to gain a competitive advantage.

Companies mentioned



Abbott Laboratories

Bostin Scientific




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Industry Analysis

Value Chain

Companies Section

Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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