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Regenerative medicine is a burgeoning field in healthcare that holds the potential to fully cure patients of diseases, eliminate cancer, and fully repair and replace old and damaged tissue. There are three main branches of regenerative medicine: gene therapy, cell therapy, and tissue repair. Gene therapies involve the replacement of a missing or defective gene in order to restore healthy function to a patient’s cells and tissues. Cell therapies involve the use of cellular agents, either a patient’s own cells or donor cells, in order to restore the patient’s cellular and tissue balance. Tissue repair therapies involve the replacement and repair of damaged or diseased tissue in order to restore tissues to full and healthy function.


This is a single theme report providing in-house analyst expertise of regenerative medicine and its uses within the medical devices sector.

Components of the report include:

Key Players — identify key players in regenerative medicine and their position in the value chain.

Trends — identify the key trends shaping the regenerative medicine industry over the next two to three years. These are classified into technology, macroeconomic, and regulatory trends.

Industry Analysis — identify the main segments of regenerative medicine, their growth and challenges.

Value Chain – identify the various segments fueling the regenerative medicine market

COVID-19 Impact – Identify the impact of COVID-19 on the regenerative medicine theme.

Key Highlights

The primary focus of this report is on regenerative medicine therapies that act as medical devices and are not strictly drug-related.

Market players range from large dominant corporations, which are capable of leveraging their presences in relevant markets around the world, and small innovative start-ups, which continually develop novel technology and expand regenerative medicine capabilities.

Reasons to buy

Develop and design your corporate strategies through an in-house expert analysis of regenerative medicine by understanding the primary ways in which this theme is impacting the medical devices industry.

Stay up to date on the industry’s major players and where they sit in the value chain.

Identify emerging industry trends in regenerative medicine to gain a competitive advantage.

Understand the impact of COVID-19 on regenerative medicine and identify which types of companies could potentially benefit/lose from this impact.

Companies mentioned

Astellas Pharma




Johnson & Johnson (DePuy)





Smith & Nephew








Sangamo Therapeutics



W.L. Gore

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Technology Briefing


Industry Analysis

Value Chain

COVID-19’s Impact on Regenerative Medicine


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