State of the Biopharmaceutical Industry 2021

2021 promises to be a year of continued innovation and change in the biopharmaceutical industry. While the biopharmaceutical sector has traditionally been labelled as highly resistant to recessions, COVID-19 has presented and will continue to present some daunting challenges, ranging from fast-paced digitalization to disruptions in supply chains and clinical trials.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on businesses worldwide, pharmaceutical companies will be looking for new ways to create value, prepare for the future, and remain competitive in the ever-changing business landscape.


The research source in this report is based on the opinions and expectations of 198 global healthcare industry professionals surveyed from November 17, 2020, to December 11, 2020 to gauge the 2021 outlook of the pharmaceutical industry. Respondents rated the anticipated impact of emerging industry, regulatory, macroeconomic and technology trends on the pharmaceutical industry during upcoming 12 months.

Components of the report include:

• Emerging Industry Trends – a snapshot of current attitudes of business leaders towards the emerging industry trends and how they are shaping the future of healthcare industry

• Emerging Regulatory and Macroeconomic Trends – overview of the hindrances and drivers that will affect the state of biopharmaceutical industry

• Emerging technologies – highlights emerging technologies that are expected to have the greatest impact on biopharmaceutical industry in the next 12 months

• Industry’s Growth Prospects – industry growth outlook: provides executives’ opinions on the growth prospects of biopharmaceutical industry over the next 12 months

• Watch Outs – key industry shake-ups and trends to watch that represent both challenge and opportunity to the industry

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Stay up to date with the major emerging technologies, regulatory, macroeconomic and industry trends that will impact the pharmaceutical industry in 2021.

Explore how the biopharmaceutical landscape has changed since 2019.

Identify the most impactful anticipated regulatory approvals and drug launches in the industry in 2021.

Gain insight into the regulatory and microeconomics trends that well have the positive and negative effect on biopharmaceutical industry.

Identify emerging industry trends and innovations to gain a competitive advantage.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PowerPoint Deck)

1 Study Design

1.1 Respondent Mix

1.2 Objectives and Design

1.3 Respondent Profiles

2 Key Findings

2.1 Key Findings

3 Emerging Industry Trends

3.1 Emerging Industry Trends – Overview of Survey Results

3.2 Spotlight on Remote Patient Monitoring

3.3 Spotlight on Immuno-Oncology

3.4 Spotlight on Personalized/Precision Medicine

3.5 Spotlight on Telemedicine

3.6 Spotlight on Real World Evidence

3.7 Spotlight on Decentralized/Virtual Clinical Trials

3.8 Spotlight on Microbiome Drug Development

3.9 Spotlight on Biosimilar Uptake

3.10 Spotlight on Electronic Health Records

3.11 Spotlight on Patient Empowerment

3.12 Spotlight on Medical Marijuana

3.13 Spotlight on Regenerative Medicine

4 Emerging Regulatory and Macroeconomic Trends

4.1 The Positives Outweigh the Negatives

4.2 A Closer Look at Drug Pricing and Reimbursement Constraints

4.3 A Closer Look at Patent expiry of Biologics and Vertical Integration

4.4 A Closer Look at Clinical Outsourcing

4.5 A Closer Look at Manufacturing Outsourcing

4.6 The Positives and the Negatives – 2019 and 2020 Survey Results

5 Emerging Technologies

5.1 Overview of Emerging Technology Trends

5.2 Emerging Technology Trends – 2019 and 2020 Survey Results

5.3 A Closer Look at Cybersecurity

5.4 A Closer Look at AI

5.5 Hinderances for Digital Transformation

6 Industry Growth Prospects

6.1 Industry’s Growth During the Next 12 Months

6.2 COVID-19 and the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

6.3 A Closer Look at Drug Development

7 Watch Outs

7.1 COVID-19 Outbreak – A Slow Return to Normal by YE 2021

7.2 Digital Therapeutics

7.3 Misinformation

7.4 Future of Work

7.5 Sustainability

7.6 US Election Fallout

7.7 Brexit

7.8 Planned Trials – 2021

7.9 Projected Trial Completions – 2021

7.10 Top 10 Selling Drugs – 2020 Versus 2021

7.11 Top 10 Therapy Areas – 2020 Versus 2021

7.12 Drug Launches – 2021

8 Summary of Key Findings

8.1 Summary of Key Findings

9 Appendix

9.1 Authors

9.2 Contributors


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