Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Dynamic Market Forecast to 2025

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a rapidly evolving field in which new developments are constantly influencing the market landscape. The Dynamic Market Forecast is designed to help clients stay abreast of the latest news in the RA space, including regulatory, commercial, and clinical events as well as understand how all of these events will impact the projected market forecast.


Key events covered in the Dynamic Market Forecast include:

Regulatory filings

Approval decisions

Pricing changes

Patent litigation

Clinical trial data announcements

Clinical trial failures

Clinical trial timeline updates

The Dynamic Market Forecast consists of a slide deck detailing key market-impacting events that have occurred since the last publication of the PharmaPoint: RA report, along with an updated excel-based forecasting model which reflects the projected influence of these events on the future RA market.

Components of the slide deck include:

Timeline of market-impacting events

Key clinical trial landscape updates

Detailed analysis of the most impactful events, including new primary research to gain Key Opinion Leader perspective

Overview of updates to the forecast model based on anticipated future impact of events

Forward-looking events calendar listing expected key updates to the RA competitive space through June 2018

Key Highlights

Recent Regulatory Events

Recent Commercial Events

Recent Clinical Events

Market Dynamics Shifts Towards Biosimilars in the RA Setting

Discontinuation of J&J’s Sirukumab for RA Creates Opportunity for Other IL-6 Inhibitors

Increased Competition Among the Oral JAK Inhibitors in the RA Setting

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PowerPoint Deck)

1 Dynamic Market Forecast Overview

1.1 Related Reports

1.2 Upcoming Related Reports

2 Executive Summary

2.1 Key Updates to RA Market Dynamics

2.2 Key Events in Update

2.3 Clinical Trial Landscape Updates

2.4 Pipeline Landscape Updates

2.5 Market Insight on Key Events

3 Event 1: Market Dynamics Shift Towards Biosimilars

3.1 Key Updates to Biosimilar Market Dynamics

3.2 Enbrel Biosimilars

3.3 Humira Biosimilars

3.4 Remicade Biosimilars

3.5 Rituxan Biosimilars

3.6 What Do Physicians Think?

3.7 Summary/Trends

3.8 Sources

4 Event 2: Discontinuation of Sirukumab Creates Opportunity for Other IL-6 Inhibitors

4.1 Key Updates to the Anti-IL-6 Market Dynamics

4.2 J&J, sirukumab

4.3 Regeneron/Sanofi, Kevzara (sarilumab)

4.4 What Do Physicians Think?

4.5 Summary/Trends

4.6 Sources

5 Event 3: Competition Among the Oral JAK Inhibitors

5.1 Key Updates to the JAK Inhibitor Market Dynamics

5.2 Eli Lilly, Olumiant (baricitinib)

5.3 AbbVie, upadacitinib

5.4 What Do Physicians Think?

5.5 Summary/Trends

5.6 Sources

6 Events Calendar

6.1 Key Events Expected to Occur H1 2018

9 Appendix

9.1 Methodology

9.2 Primary Research

9.3 About the Authors

9.4 About GlobalData

9.5 Contact Us

9.6 Disclaimer


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