Clothing and Footwear Retailing in Chile – Market Shares, Summary and Forecast to 2021

"Clothing & Footwear Retailing in Chile, Market Shares, Summary & Forecasts to 2021", provides data for historic and forecast retail sales, and also includes information on the business environment and country risk related to Chile retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing Chile clothing and footwear industry.

Clothing & footwear sales stood at CLP$6,509.6bn in 2016 and are forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% during 2016-2021, reaching CLP$9,586.4bn by 2021. A large, and growing, working age and youth population, rising wages, increasing awareness about sports and fitness, and rising disposable income drive sales in the sector. Sales through department stores will reach 42.5% of the overall sector sale in 2021 while specialist retailers will lose 3.4% share over 2016 to account for 43.3% of the sales in 2021. Falabella and Cencosud are the leading businesses and together accounted for 24.8% of the sectors sales in 2016.

What else does this report offer?

– In-depth analysis of the latest trends in consumer shopping, covering the factors driving shopping, consumer insights, market dynamics

– The report also details major retailers in clothing and footwear category group with their product proposition analysis and market positioning in 2016 along with recent key developments

– Market insights based on consumer trends, changing economic and demographic factors, technology innovations, and other macroeconomic factors

– Retail sales and the fastest-growing product categories in clothing and footwear sector

– Qualitative and quantitative insights of changing retail dynamics in clothing and footwear sector


– Retail sales set to register healthy growth

– Sporty footwear and clothing will drive the market

– Specialist stores losing share to department stores

– One in four Pesos spent on clothing and footwear is at Falabella and Cencosud

– Falabella and Cencosud account for one in every four Pesos spent on apparel

– H&M saw the fastest growth during 2015-2016

Reasons to buy

– Gain a comprehensive knowledge on clothing and footwear sector in the Chile retail market and develop a competitive advantage from the start of your supply chain

– Investigate current and forecast behavior trends in clothing and footwear category to identify the best opportunities to exploit

– Understand the fastest growing categories including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, men’s footwear, women’s footwear and children’s footwear in the market

– Analysis of key international and domestic players operating in the clothing and footwear market

– Explore novel opportunities that will allow you to align your product offerings and strategies to meet demand by analyzing the vital economic and population trends, key consumer and technology trends influencing the clothing and footwear market.

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Table of Contents

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