Bi-annual Downstream Deals Review – H1 2018

GlobalData's “Biannual Downstream Deals Review – H1 2018” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on M&A (mergers, acquisitions, and asset transactions) and financings (equity/debt offerings and PE/VC), in the downstream oil and gas industry. The report provides detailed comparative semi-annual data, on the number of deals and their value, sub-divided into deal types by geographies. Data presented in this report is derived from GlobalData’s proprietary in-house Oil and Gas eTrack deals database and primary and secondary research.


Analyze market trends for the downstream oil and gas industry in the global arena

Review of deal trends in the market

Analysis of M&As in the downstream oil and gas industry

Analysis of Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, and Venture Financing in the downstream oil and gas industry

Information on the top deals that took place in the industry

Geographies covered include – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South & Central America, and Middle East & Africa

Reasons to buy

Enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner

Find out the major deal performing segments for investments in your industry

Evaluate type of companies divesting / acquiring in the market

Evaluate ways to raise capital in the market, and identify major financial and legal advisors

Do deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed

Identify growth segments and opportunities in each region within the industry

Table of Contents

Sector Highlights

M&A Values Soar in the Downstream Industry

New Investments Decreased 29% in H1 2018





Secondary Research

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List of Figures

Downstream M&A Deal Value and Count

Downstream Oil and Gas Regional M&A Deal Share and Value, H1 2018

Downstream Capital Raising Deal Value and Count


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