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Latin America and the Caribbean Hydrogen Market – Overview, Demand, Policies, Deals and Key Players

Hydrogen will be key to the global energy transition in coming decades, and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are well positioned to participate in this burgeoning market. An abundance of renewable and biomass resources could allow for the cheapest green hydrogen production in the world. Interest in developing a hydrogen supply chain in LAC has been made apparent by a growing number of recent announced projects, partnerships and plans. More than 25 low-carbon hydrogen projects have entered the pipeline in recent years. Several LAC countries already have low carbon-intensity electricity, giving them a high readiness level to produce green hydrogen.


Analyze market trends for hydrogen production and demand in Latin America and the Caribbean

Review of deals and partnerships in the hydrogen sector

Geographies covered include – Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America

Comparison of the costs of hydrogen production routes

Review of hydrogen policies and decarbonization plans

Reasons to buy

Understand hydrogen trends and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

View upcoming green hydrogen projects in LAC

Understand when gre hydrogen capacity will take off

Compare current and future costs of hydrogen production routes in LAC

Understand which countries are developing hydrogen-forward policies

Understand which companies are the most active in the LAC market

Companies mentioned

Siemens, Enel, Iberdrola, Fortescue Future Industries, Engie, Cummins, Hydrogenics, EcoPetrol, Repsol, Ballard Power Systems, YPF, Enaex, ANCAP, Hychico, Enegix, Air Liquide, CF Industries, Ford Motor, Daimler

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Hydrogen in Latin America


Hydrogen Production

Policies & Plans

Deals & Key Players

List of Tables

Table 1: Major Low-carbon Hydrogen Projects in LAC

Table 2: Paris Agreement Targets

Table 3: Top Countries by Maximum Practical PV Power Potential

Table 4: Top Countries by Mean Wind Speed

Table 5: Hydrogen Value Chain Deals in LAC

Table 9: Key Players in North American Hydrogen Value Chain

List of Figures

Figure 1: Completed and Announced Capacity up to 2030

Figure 2: Present-day Hydrogen Production

Figure 3: Hydrogen Capacity Scenarios to 2030

Figure 4: Hydrogen Demand Sectors, 2019

Figure 5: Current Steel Production Routes in LAC

Figure 6: Cost Range of Hydrogen Production Routes

Figure 7: Green Hydrogen Production Costs in Chile

Figure 8: Hydrogen Mentions in Company Filings


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