India Wealth Management – High Net Worth (HNW) Investors 2020

India's HNW investors – which is dominated by professional and earning males – have a relatively high demand for wealth management services, confirming that competition for wealth management business is fierce in the country. To stand out from the crowd, providers should differentiate themselves through their products and services and grow their expertise in specific areas of the wealth management space. The Indian HNW individuals spread their investments evenly across asset classes, with a slight edge towards equities and cash and near cash products. Although advisory mandates are preferred by the Indian HNW investors the most, the country also stands out in terms of their noteworthy increase in demand for robo-advisory.

This report analyzes the investing preferences and portfolio allocations of the Indian HNW individuals. It profiles HNW investors in terms of their demographics, analyzes their propensity to invest offshore, and explores the products and services they demand.


– Expats constitute 26.8% of the local HNW population, a notably higher proportion than the Asia-Pacific average.

– Robo-advisory services are witnessing a massive increase in demand, with 80% of wealth managers agreeing that traditional wealth managers will lose market share to these services in the next 12 months.

– Dividend income and capital appreciation are primary aspects of the Indian HNW portfolio, with equities forming the largest proportion of onshore wealth.

– The US is the preferred booking center for HNW investors wanting to offshore their wealth.

Reasons to buy

– Develop and enhance your client targeting strategies using our data on HNW profiles and sources of wealth.

– Enhance your marketing strategies and capture new clients using insights from our data on HNW investors’ asset management style preferences.

– Tailor your investment product portfolio to match the current and future demand for different asset classes among HNW individuals.

– Develop your service proposition to match the demand expressed by the Indian HNW investors and react proactively to forecast changes in demand.

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Table of Contents



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