Bajaj Allianz’s Implementation of RPA Platform – Use Case

This report explores Bajaj Allianz’s deployment of UiPath’s robotic process automation (RPA) platform for faster processing by eliminating work duplicity and achieving accuracy and scalability in its business operations. The report identifies the main challenges Bajaj Allianz faced with earlier methods, highlights the use of an automation solution to address challenges, and showcases their key benefits, especially amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Insurance companies are still replete with legacy processes that carry obsolete software features and repetitive operational tasks. In addition, amid the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a massive surge in insurance requests worldwide, making it extremely challenging for companies to process these in a short timespan due to mundane processes, inadequate staff, and low productivity. Also, insurance companies have the added pressure of designing, implementing, and delivering new policies to their customers virtually.

Thus, insurers are seeking ways to modernize their legacy systems with low-expense ratios, digitized workforces, and accelerated digital transformations to simplify their data extraction, claim registration, processing, integration and verification, underwriting services, policy management, and error tracking processes. An example of one such use case is Bajaj Allianz’s implementation of an RPA platform with the help of UiPath Enterprise. The shift from legacy infrastructure to RPA has helped the company streamline its operations.


– Bajaj Allianz deployed UiPath Enterprise’s RPA platform across its operations, predominantly for its policy issuance processes.

– It redesigned and reconstructed its processes, minimized steps, and once the processes became RPA-compatible, finally integrated the platform. So far, 22 processes have been automated by the company, using 10 robots to handle large volumes of requests.

– The platform has also helped Bajaj Allianz during the COVID-19 pandemic, with movement restricted and employees working remotely.

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