MX3D – Tech Innovator Profile

MX3D develops Robotic Wire Arc Additive (WAAM) manufacturing software to support the process of end-to-end 3D metal printing. The company, with its eight robots and large production capacity, prints objects on-demand


The report provides information and insights into MX3D's, including –

– Overview of the company and its product offering

– Detailed insight into its business model, company type and headquarter

– Information on funding and partnership

– Biography of top management

Reasons to buy

– Gain insights into MX3D’s business operations.

– Gain insights into partnership and funding.

– Gain understanding about its technology focus.

Companies mentioned

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Takenaka Corporation



Autodesk and ABB

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Company Overview

Technology Focus

Product Overview

Partnership & Funding

Key Employees



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