Disruptor Profile: Cellink AB

Cellink AB (Cellink) is a 3Dbioprinter and a bioink company. It focuses on development of bioprinting technologies, which enable researchers to 3D print human organs and tissues for use in development of pharma and cosmetic treatments.


The report provides information and insights into Cellink AB's, including –

– Overview of the company and its product offering

– Detailed insight into its business model, company type and headquarter

– Information on partnership and funding

– Biography of top management

Reasons to buy

– Gain insights into Cellink AB ’s business operations.

– Gain insights into fundings and Partnerships

– Gain understanding about its technology focus.

Companies mentioned

Prellis Biologics Inc.


MedImmune LLC

CTI Biotech

Takara Bio Europe AB

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

Company Overview

Technology Focus

Product Overview

Partnerships & Funding

Key Employees



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