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Urban Air Mobility Solutions – Are We Ready for the New Mobility Revolution?

This innovation landscape report on Urban Air Mobility Solutions, published by GlobalData as part of an ongoing series, is a comprehensive data driven report highlighting the potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and the associated disruptive shifts

This report examines the data-driven view of the state of the UAM solutions ecosystem and explores the readiness of UAM solutions to reach the market, thereby suggesting to stakeholders and investors where they should place their bets

1.The race to develop UAM solutions has gained momentum in recent years, even though the concept has been around for decades.

1.1 Back in 1917, aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss filed for a patent for the autoplane, a three-seat car-cum-aircraft with removable wings. Since then, aviation and automobile enthusiasts and other key stakeholders have dreamt of “flying cars” that would reduce road congestion and travel time, while improving productivity and quality of life.

2.Increasing Investments and formation of joint ventures in recent years have transformed UAM solutions from mere science fiction into functional reality.

2.1 Various governments have taken initiatives to reduce emissions and improve safety. Technological advancements have led to the dismantling of barriers, which increased the feasibility of developing UAM solutions.

Investor’s interest remains high – which includes OEMs, transportation providers, software developers and venture capitalists.

3. UAM solutions have progressed from “if” to “when” and “how impactful”.

3.1 Several companies have developed the prototypes of UAM solutions, many of which are in the testing phase, awaiting their launch.


– Understand the overall UAM market ecosystem and its associated stakeholders

– Use media analysis to understand consumer expectations and current market developments

– Leverage Venture Capital Analysis to discover and track investment trends in the UAM space, top investment areas and most funded startups/unicorns

– Cut down research time with Innovation Analysis highlighting the key drivers and challenges in the market – All at one place

– Gain in-depth analysis of UAM patent landscape to understand the position of technology adoption by startups and corporates in this ecosystem and make confident data-driven decisions

– Key-takeaways and recommendation for key market players.

Key Highlights

The report highlights Urban Air Mobility market ecosystem and tracks all the relevant stakeholders and market players. It covers insights on media analysis, job analytics, company filing trends, VC investment trends, deep-dive into product innovations, driving forces behind those innovations along with the market challenges and patent filing trends. Comprehensive view on current outlook and forward-looking strategies for the market players in UAM sector.

Reasons to Buy

– Gain a quick overview of the UAM sector globally and review the latest and most significant technological developments in UAM sector.

– Follow the key trends within UAM solutions and what’s driving them.

– Spot the key opportunities and threats in the sector.

– Identify the investment trends and unicorns to predict the future of UAM Industry.

– Evaluating Patent landscape to analyse the top technology trends, key geographies and promising market players in UAM area.

– With the constantly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, market players are looking to evaluate the potential for success of UAM solutions.

– Access valuable current outlook and strategic take-outs to help direct decision-making and inform new product development in UAM sector.

Companies Mentioned

Joby Aviation, Lilium, Volocopter, Blade, Ehang, Wisk Aero LLC, AeroMobil, Kitty Hawk, Embraer, The Boeing Co, PAL-V, Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder, United, Japan Airlines, Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC, Toyota, Geely, Xpeng, Volkswagen, Hyundai, General Motors Co., Fiat-Chrysler, Porsche, Luminar Technologies, QuantumScape, Intel Corporation, Uber, Honeywell, Tencent, Textron Inc., Victrex plc, Hexcel Corporation, Toray Advanced Composites, Solvay and Aria Group

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1.1 Understanding Urban Air Mobility Solutions Market

1.1.1 Definition & Market Classification

1.1.2 Ecosystem and Key Stakeholders


2.1 Accelerated Interest in eVTOLs

2.1.1 News analysis and social media traction

2.1.2 Mentions for UAM/ flying cars in Company Annual Filings

2.1.3 Jobs exposed to UAMs/ flying cars

2.1.4 UAM traction on social media

2.1.5 Top mentioned start-ups and Unicorns


3.1 Growth in Funding Activities by VC Investors

3.1.1 Investment trends

3.1.2 Top funded start-ups

3.1.3 Most active investors and corporates


4.1 Manufacturers ready for long-term commitment

4.1.1 Market Drivers and Innovation Opportunities

4.1.2 Consumer Survey Highlights

4.1.3 Impact of Covid-19

4.1.4 Key Challenges


5.1 Corporates Driving Research for UAMs

5.1.1 Patent filings trend

5.1.2 Start-ups vs. Corporates

5.1.3 Technology leaders

5.1.4 Benchmarking Innovativeness


6.1 Current State of Play and Outlook

6.1.1 Key Takeaways & Future Outlook



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