Urban Defense Operations (Urban Warfare) – Thematic Research

Urban operations continue to be an important element of warfare, as villages, towns, cities and an increasing number of megacities are becoming increasingly connected to each other through networks, access to resources and infrastructure.

Urban operations is not just another part in the spectrum of warfare. It is found in every part of it, ranging from high-intensity to low-intensity warfare. As such, there are plenty of historical examples such as those from Stalingrad, Aachen, Hue city and Fallujah, to Grozny, Panama City and the effort to clear Iraqi urban areas from ISIS combatants.

Warfare in an urban environment is still important for military planners and will be of extreme importance due to the increasing urbanization and the potential of a near-peer confrontation between major powers, in densely populated areas of the world.

The report “Urban Operations – Thematic Research” summarises the Urban Operations market and provides information about the business opportunities in it and the direction of market trends.


With urban operations spanning both from low to high-intensity warfare scenarios, the forces required to fight it are both heavy and lighter ones. Fighting in an urban environment is a complex operation that includes many phases. It should not be regarded as an independent type of operation but rather interconnected and dictated by the geography and the nature of the terrain, and most prominently by the fact that urban areas are interconnected between themselves, forming part of an economic, political, social and technological web. All these variables require a wide set of combat capabilities. However, due to the difficulties of the urban terrain, where every artificial structure is used as an obstacle, disrupting the pace of operations and the cohesion (situational awareness) of combat units, there are certain technologies capable of providing an advantage to units and soldiers.

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Corporations: Helps CEOs in all industries understand the disruptive threats to their competitive landscape.

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Companies mentioned

Colt, FN Herstal, Heckler & Koch, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Milrem Robotics, Oshkosh Defense, Patria, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Volvo-Arquus, ARTEC, KBP Tula, Paramount Group, Rafael, Rostec-Kalashnikov, KNDS, GDLS, Thales, Northrop Grumman, FLIR Systems, Rohde & Schwarz, Leonardo, L3Harris, Safran, Airbus, Aselsan, Theon Sensors, Intracom, Controp, AeroVironment, IAI, Telerob, ECA Group, DOK ING, Textron Systems, Nammo, RUAG, MESKO, Hirtenberger, Avibras, Denel, Arsenal, CZ Defense, Diehl, Norinco, FNSS, Supacat, PGZ Group, Otokar, JSC Kurganmaszavod, Iveco, Boeing.

Table of Contents


Thematic briefing



Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

Regulatory trends

Industry analysis

Conduct of urban operations

Characteristics of cities and megacities

Value chain

Key technologies and products

Opportunities for AD&S companies





Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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