ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in Construction – Thematic Research

Early engagement with all stakeholders, including suppliers, subcontractors, and local communities, is key to helping construction companies excel at environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Companies that understand and engage with ESG initiatives now and demonstrate their ability and willingness at the tender stage will win more contracts and turn more profits. Companies that perform poorly in environmental and social issues likely do so due to poor governance.


GlobalData’s ESG framework which contains contributing factors to ESG issues, with mitigating actions for each issue.

The ESG challenges facing the construction industry, together with thorough discussion of steps companies can take to mitigate these challenges.

GlobalData’s ESG in construction sentiment survey results, analysis, and what this means for the construction industry.

Detailed descriptions of the main environmental certifications and frameworks available to the construction industry. Adhering to environmental certifications or frameworks may not only help adherence to increasingly complex environmental regulations but also enable access to green finance and attract tenants and investors.

Case studies of leading and lagging environmental, social, and governance action in the construction industry, including a primary research case study showing how positive engagement with ESG can lead to financial returns, for contractors and investors alike.

Unique thematic scorecard showing 48 global construction companies that predicts the success of construction companies in the next 2-5 years. Companies are scored in artificial intelligence (AI), ESG, and eight other themes that will disrupt the construction sector.

Reasons to buy

Position yourself for the future and create your ESG strategy using GlobalData’s ESG framework.

Identify key technology, macro, and industry trends affecting and shaping the ESG theme in the construction industry, including artificial intelligence (AI), health and safety, and renovations, refurbishments, and retrofittings.

Benchmark your company against 48 companies in the construction sector in terms of how prepared each business to handle the 10 most disruptive themes in the sector, including ESG.

Identify the leading and lagging companies in the industry, as well as potential investment.

Understand the ESG action feedback loop, a market mechanism that drives reputational and competitive advantage, incentivizing further action, and drawing more participation.

Companies mentioned



Balfour Beatty




Koninklijke BAM (Royal BAM)

Laing O’Rourke






Telford Homes


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

GlobalData’s ESG framework


The ESG action feedback loop

Sentiment survey

ESG challenges in construction

Case studies

ESG timeline


Sector scorecard


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