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Robotics in Construction – Thematic Research

Robots continue to become smarter, cheaper, faster, and more commonplace. In 2019 the global robotics market was worth $115B, and it is expected to surpass $275B by 2025, according to GlobalData forecasts.

Over the next five years there will be a rapid growth in cloud-based robot services for armies of installed robots and for robots hired on an as-needed basis, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), triggering new demand drivers. It is all happening amid rising angst about human jobs and even human identity, but the momentum is unlikely to be stalled, at least over the next five years, as boosts to sagging productivity in manufacturing and services across both the public and private sector are sought by organizations across the world.


This report explores robotics technology and its use cases in construction.

It identifies the key players dominating the current technology theme.

The key technology, macroeconomic and industry trends are also analyzed.

Reasons to Buy

Understand the importance of robotics technology in construction.

A review of some of the case studies highlighting the growing capabilities of robotics in addressing business challenges across the industry.

Identify and benchmark key companies and technology providers based on their exposure to the theme.

Table of Contents

Executive summary



Value chain

Industrial caged robots


Logistics robots

Consumer robots

Commercial drones

Autonomous vehicles

Specialist robotics software

Cloud robotics


Mechanical components

Industry analysis

Traditional definition of a robot

Market size and growth forecasts


Impact of robotics on construction

Construction case studies

Key recommendations for construction companies

Key recommendations for robotics companies



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