Wearable Tech in Construction – Thematic Research

Wearable tech, like the smart helmets developed by companies such as SmartCap Technologies, is helping to increase safety on construction sites. SmartCap measures workers’ fatigue levels and detects micro-sleeps, alerting them when they are in need of a break; likewise, other companies’ combination smart helmets are able to monitor wearers’ vital signs, such as their heart rate, and inform site managers of any critical incidents


This report explores wearable technology and its use cases in old and new contexts as well in construction.

It identifies the winners and losers dominating the current technology theme, across the hardware, software, and services domains.

It identifies power utilities and equipment manufacturers who are witnessing a huge opportunity with 3D printing.

Key Highlights

The wearable tech industry was worth nearly $23bn in 2018 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% to reach $54bn by 2023, according to GlobalData forecasts.

That growth will be driven by sales of smartwatches, which are gaining in popularity as the range of features they offer (which now includes cellular connectivity, health monitoring, and contactless payment) increases. In contrast, the popularity of fitness trackers is waning, due to their limited capabilities when compared to smartwatches.

The wearable tech theme incorporates more than just wrist-worn devices. Smart earwear, or hearables, has become a more prominent category with the emergence of devices that incorporate voice-activated virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri (which is available in the company’s second-generation AirPods, released in March 2019) and Google’s Assistant (integrated into the company’s Pixel Buds). Hearables also have the potential to match, or even exceed, the performance of smartwatches when it comes to providing health monitoring services

Reasons to buy

Understand the importance of adopting wearable technology in construction.

A review of some of the case studies highlighting the growing capabilities of wearable in addressing business challenges across the industry.

Identify and benchmark key companies and technology providers based on their exposure to wearable theme.

Companies mentioned

SmartCap Technologies

Table of Contents


Technology briefing


Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

Regulatory trends

Construction trends

Industry analysis

Market size and growth forecasts

Competitive analysis

Mergers and acquisitions


Use cases

Value chain

App layer



Data layer

Connectivity layer

Device layer


Smart glasses

Fitness trackers

Smart clothes



Technology companies

Construction companies


Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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