Blockchain in Consumer – Thematic Research

Blockchain has been described as a disruptive technology to a number of sectors. Within consumer goods and services, it has the potential to enhance supply chain management by validating authenticity and traceability. The outbreak of COVID-19 means companies have had to rapidly adapt to meet changes in behaviour. Food security and sustainability have become key challenges that blockchain can help to resolve.


Blockchain has showcased many qualities beyond digital currency, utilizing transparency and traceability for innovations in supply chain management.

The role of smart contracts can record ownership rights as products move through the supply chain, confirming responsibility for the product at any given time.

A blockchain ledger also enables brands to track recalls as they happen, giving confidence to the end consumer and protecting the brand’s reputation.

Reasons to buy

Gain insight into the technologies used in the integration of blockchain in consumer goods.

Identify emerging trends to help better position your company.

Discover consumers reception to these technologies to influence actions going forward.

Companies mentioned

Ajinomoto, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Avery Dennison, Fonterra, Groupe SEB, Henkel, McDonald's, Nestle, Starbucks, The Hershey Company

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Executive summary


Technology briefing


Industry analysis

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