Renewable Energy Industry in 2013: Expected Trends and Analysis

In recent years the global renewable industry has seen rapid growth backed by strong policy support. Globally, renewable energy total installed capacity grew from 374 Gigawatts (GW) in 2011 to 474 GW in 2012. It is expected that renewable energy installed capacity will reach 545 GW by the end of 2013. Wind is the most prominent renewable technology, and contributed more than 50% of the capacity additions in 2011 and 2012. Solar PV ranked second in terms of capacity addition in 2012. In recent years, the renewable industry has witnessed many changes, a high proportion of which have been influenced by the prolonged economic downturn in European countries. Growth concerns will continue in Europe and only a moderate growth rate for renewable is expected in the region. However, the solar PV and wind market will rapidly flourish in countries of the Asia-Pacific, South and Central America, North America and Middle East regions. Ocean electricity generation technology will also get more attention, due to increased interest in the offshore wind sector. Offshore energy technologies such as wave, tidal and others will reap the benefits of increasing offshore wind installations.


The scope of the report is about the analysis the expected trends in renewable energy market for 2013. It covres the changes in policies in some of the countries and their impact on renewable energy industry. This report covers insight solar PV and wind development trends in the key countries.

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The report provides insight about the global renewable energy market in 2013. The report covers the recent changes in the renewable policies, their impact and other market developmets in the countries globally.

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1 Table of Contents 1

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2 Summary 1

3 Renewable Energy Industry in 2013: Expected Trends and Analysis 2

3.1 Expected Trends in Solar PV Market 2

3.2 Expected Trends in Wind Power Market 3

3.3 Policy Support in Developed Economies to Remain Uncertain 4

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List of Tables

Table 1: Abbreviations 4

List of Figures

Figure 1: Global Renewable Energy Market, Installed Capacity (Excluding Hydropower) (GW), 2011–2013 1

Figure 2: Solar PV Market, Key European Countries, Annual Installed Capacity (GW), 2012–2013 2

Figure 3: Key Asian and North American Markets, Annual Installed Capacity (GW), 2012- 2013 2


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