RBI Solar to Acquire Renusol from Centrosolar

RBI Solar, a manufacturer of solar mounting systems and solar racking solutions for commercial and utility-scale solar projects, has entered into an agreement to acquire Renusol, a provider of solutions for the installation of solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, from Centrosolar Group, a manufacturer of solar PV systems. The acquisition includes Renusol’s US subsidiary, Renusol America, and has an estimated value of €2.6m ($3.54m). The acquisition will enable RBI Solar to expand its solar mounting systems business, while the divestment will enable Centrosolar to focus on its subsidiary, Centrosolar America.


The deal analysis report details the following:

Key drivers for the deal

Business overview of the companies involved

Reasons to buy

The report gives insights into the rationale behind the deal

The report helps understand the benefits of the deal to each company

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2

2 Executive Summary 3

3 RBI Solar to Acquire Renusol from Centrosolar 4

3.1 Deal Overview 4

3.2 Deal in Brief 4

3.3 Key Drivers for the Deal 4

3.3.1 Drivers for RBI Solar 4

3.3.2 Drivers for Centrosolar Group and Renusol 4

3.4 About the Companies 4

3.4.1 RBI Solar 4

3.4.2 Renusol 5

3.4.3 Centrosolar Group 5

3.5 Appendix 6

3.5.1 Methodology 6

3.5.2 Coverage 6

3.5.3 Secondary Research 6

3.5.4 Primary Research 6

3.5.5 Modeling and Forecasting 7

3.5.6 Contact Us 7

3.5.7 Disclaimer 7

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