Canadian Solar to Acquire Majority Stake in Portfolio of Solar Projects in Ontario, Canada from SkyPower

Canadian Solar Inc., a producer and supplier of solar modules, agreed to acquire a majority stake in 16 solar projects in Ontario, Canada, from SkyPower Limited. The total installed capacity of the portfolio will be approximately between 190 to 200MW. Each of these solar projects has a power purchase agreement with Ontario Power Authority for a year of 20-year. The transaction is valued at approximately CAD185m ($185m), to be paid at certain undisclosed milestones. Canadian Solar Inc. and SkyPower Limited also agreed to form a 50:50 international joint venture to develop solar power plants in emerging markets. The companies expect to start generating revenue from this global strategic initiative within the next two to three years.


The deal report provides the analysis on the acquisition of 16 solar project by Canadian Solar from Skypower in April 2012. It analyze the rationality behind the acquisition and drivers which played important role in making such decision by Canadian Solar. The report covers the brief overview of the companies involved in the transaction.

Reasons to buy

The deal analysis report provides in depth analysis on the following:

– It covers – Canadian Solar Inc's., announcement of acquisition of majority stake in the portfolio of solar projects in Ontario, Canada from SkyPower Limited.

– It throws light on the International joint venture between Canadian Solar Inc. and SkyPower Limited (50:50). – It covers collaboration strategies for emerging markets.

– It covers key drivers for deal in the solar sector of Canada.

– It information in the deal will be helpful for the investor in solar sector.

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 1

2 Summary 1

2.1 Canadian Solar to Acquire Majority Stake in Portfolio of Solar Projects in Ontario, Canada from SkyPowerDeal Overview 1

2.2 Deal in Brief 1

2.3 Comparable Deals 2

2.4 Key Drivers of the Deal 2

2.4.1 Lucrative Investment Proposition and Deferred Payment 2

2.4.2 Capitalizing on Industry Expertise and Synergy 2

2.4.3 Long-Term Power Purchase Agreement 3

2.5 About the Companies 3

2.5.1 Canadian Solar Inc 3

2.5.2 SkyPower Limited 3

3 Appendix 3

3.1 Abbreviations 3

3.2 Methodology 3

3.2.1 Coverage 3

3.2.2 Secondary Research 3

3.2.3 Primary Research 4

3.2.4 Modeling and Forecasting 4

3.3 Contact Us 4

3.4 Disclaimer 4

List of Tables

Table 1: Comparable Deals 2

Table 2: Solar Projects developed by Canadian Solar Inc. and SkyPower Limited 2

Table 3: Abbreviations 3

List of Figures



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