Marubeni and Innovation Network Corp to Acquire Seajacks International from Riverstone Holdings for $850 Million

Marubeni Corporation, a diversified trading company, and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, (INCJ), an investment company, agreed to acquire a 50% stake each in Seajacks International Ltd., from Riverstone Holdings LLC, a private equity firm, for a purchase consideration of $850m.


The deal report analyses reason behind the acquisition of Seajack International by Marubeni Corporation and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan from Riverstone Holdings for $850 m. It covers rationale behind the deal, few comparable deals, key drivers of the deal and brief profile of company.

Reasons to buy

The deal provides information about future demand for offshore wind vessel market.

The analysis report provides details on:

– The brief of deal the core part of the deal

– The rationale, which explains why Seajack International is acquired by Marubeni Corporation.

– Comparable deal section show the similar kind of other deals

– Key drivers section in this deal analyze that, – The future potential market(region) for offshore wind industry, future plans of Marubeni Corporation, large profit to Riverstone Holding

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 1

2 Summary 1

3 Marubeni and Innovation Network Corp to Acquire Seajacks International from Riverstone Holdings for $850 Million 1

3.1 Deal Overview 1

3.2 Deal in Brief 1

3.3 Rationale Behind the Investment 2

3.4 Comparable Deals 2

3.5 Key Features of the Deal 2

3.6 Key Drivers of the Deal 2

3.6.1 Offshore Wind Market Expected to Grow Rapidly in North Sea and in Asia 2

3.6.2 Seajack International is the Key Player for Offshore Wind Farm Installation as well as Oil and Gas Installation 2

3.6.3 Marubeni Corporation Intends to Extend its Presence in Value Chain for Offshore Wind Market 2

3.6.4 Demand for Vessels for Decommissioning and Redevelopment of Existing Oil and Gas Fields in Europe 3

3.6.5 Large Profit to Riverstone Holdings LLC 3

3.7 Company Overview 3

3.7.1 Marubeni Corporation 3

3.7.2 The Innovation Network Corporation of Japan 3

3.7.3 Riverstone Holdings LLC 3

3.7.4 Seajacks International Ltd. 3

4 Appendix 4

4.1 Abbreviations 4

4.2 Methodology 4

4.2.1 Coverage 4

4.2.2 Secondary Research 4

4.2.3 Primary Research 4

4.2.4 Modeling and Forecasting 4

4.3 Contact Us 4

4.4 Disclaimer 5

List of Tables

Table 1: Latest Deals in Offshore Wind Vessel Market 2

Table 2: Abbreviations 4

List of Figures



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