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Power transmission equipment manufacturer Diamond Power is investing INR500m ($10.03m) in a wind power project in India. The total installed capacity of the project will be 6.3 MW, with an investment per MW of approximately $1.59m. The project is a part of company's expansion process involving an investment of INR7, 530m ($148.8m) and is is expected to become operational by March 2012.


The deal report analyses Diamond Power’s (power transmission equipment manufacturer) investment of INR500m ($10.03m)) in a wind power project with capacity of 6.3 MW in India. It covers rationale behind the deal, a few comparable deals, key details about the wind farm, key drivers of the deal, and brief profile of the company.

Reasons to buy

The deal analysis provides details on investment plan of Diamond Power to invest INR500m ($10.03m) in a wind power project in India.

The analysis report provides details on, the rationale behind the deal, comparable deal of similar kind, key details about the wind farm, key drivers, and brief profile of the company. This information can help to know the latest deal trends and development in India. This might help in respond to competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects.

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 1

2 Summary 1

3 Diamond Power to Invest $10m in a Wind Power Project in Gujarat, India 1

3.1 Deal Overview 1

3.2 Deal in Brief 1

3.3 Rationale Behind the Investment 1

3.4 Comparable Deals 2

3.5 Key Features of the Deal 2

3.5.1 Location, Projects Size, Equipment Provider and Delivery Schedule for the Project 2

3.6 Key Drivers of the Deal 2

3.6.1 Diamond Power – Focused on Green Initiatives and other Alternate Sources of Energy 2

3.6.2 Increase in Power Consumption due to Company’s Expansion Plan 2

3.7 Company Overview 2

3.7.1 Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. 2

4 Appendix 3

4.1 Abbreviations 3

4.2 Methodology 3

4.2.1 Coverage 3

4.2.2 Secondary Research 3

4.2.3 Primary Research 3

4.2.4 Modeling and Forecasting 3

4.3 Contact Us 4

4.4 Disclaimer 4

List of Tables

1.1 List of Tables

Table 1: Renewable Power Market, India, Comparable Deals 2

Table 2: Abbreviations 3

List of Figures



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