Beta Wind Farm Completes Project Financing for Wind Power Project in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamilnadu

Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd. (BWFPL), a subsidiary of Orient Green Power Company Ltd. (OGPCL), has completed project financing for the construction of wind power projects in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamilnadu. The company has secured financing through two different deals and Axis Bank Limited has played a role of lead bank in both the deals. The financing of $106.8m (INR5, 360m) is being availed for the development of 144 MW of wind projects in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat over the next 10 years from a consortium of banks. Further financing of $141m has been secured through a term loan from an undisclosed consortium of 10 bankers for the installllationed capacity of 156 MW of planned wind projects in Tamilnadu. The financing includes $111m (INR5, 570.8) with a maturity of 11 years and $30m (INR1, 505.6) with a maturity of seven years.


The report analyses the financing secured by Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd., to develop its wind farms in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamilnadu. market. Its scope includes:-

The rationale behind the deals Other comparable deals Key drivers for the deals; which study the trends in renewable sector in India, the focus of Beta Wind Farm Ltd. and other factors Brief Information about Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd., Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd. and its plans and objective, and Axis Bank Ltd.

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The report gives information about :- The financing scale of wind projects in Indian wind market. Strategy of wind projects development by Independent Power Producers.

Identify key partners and business development avenues based on the understanding of the market movements of the major competitors in the Indian wind market.

Information on Indian State which are hotspot for wind projects development

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 1

2 Summary 1

3 Beta Wind Farm Completes Project Financing for Wind Power Project in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamilnadu 1

3.1 Deal Overview 1

3.2 Deal in Brief 1

3.3 Rationale behind the Investment 2

3.4 Comparable Deals 2

3.5 Key Drivers of the Deal 2

3.5.1 Investors’ Growing Interest in the Indian Wind Sector 2

3.5.2 BWFPL: Created to Look After Wind Resource Development at Utility Scale 2

3.5.3 Acquisition of Potential Sites in States Favorable to Renewable Energy Development 2

3.6 Company Overviews 3

3.6.1 Beta Wind Farm Pvt Ltd. (BWFPL) 3

3.6.2 Orient Green Power Company Limited (OGPL) 3

3.6.3 Axis Bank Limited 3

4 Appendix 3

4.1 Abbreviations 3

4.2 Methodology 3

4.2.1 Coverage 3

4.2.2 Secondary Research 3

4.2.3 Primary Research 4

4.2.4 Modeling and Forecasting 4

4.3 Contact Us 4

4.4 Disclaimer 4

List of Tables

Table 1: Renewable Power Market, India, Comparable Deals 2

Table 2: Abbreviations 3

List of Figures



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