Dahanu Solar Power Completes Project Financing of $84.30 Million for Solar PV Power Plant in Rajasthan, India

"In August 2011, Dahanu Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Power Limited engaged in the development of large scale solar power projects, received a direct loan of $84.30m from the US Export-Import Bank for a 40 MW solar PV project near Tehsil Pokhran, Jaisalmer in India’s Rajasthan state. The loan enabled the sale of thin-film solar modules from First Solar Inc. and other US exports to the project. First Solar has an agreement with Reliance Power Limited to supply 100 MW thin-film solar modules. First Solar will deliver 40 MW of thin-film modules for the project in December 2011. The remaining 60 MW is expected to be delivered in 2012. Dahanu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to supply power for 25 years from the 40 MW power project to Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. another group company of Reliance. The solar power plant is expected to start operations in March 2012. "


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The deal analysis provides details on deal by Dahanu Solar to secure funding for ambitious 40 MW plant and explains the drivers that led to deal closure

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"1 Table of Contents

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2 Summary

3 Dahanu Solar Power Completes Project Financing of $84.30 Million For Solar PV Power Plant In Rajasthan, India

3.1 Deal Overview

3.2 Deal in Brief

3.3 Comparable Deals

3.4 Key Drivers of the Deal

3.4.1 Lucrative loan terms and conditions

3.4.2 Bankable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

3.4.3 Capitalizing on India’s Booming Solar Market

3.4.4 Meeting Renewable Portfolio Mandate

3.5 About the Companies

3.5.1 Dahanu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd.

3.5.2 First Solar, Inc.

3.5.3 Export-Import Bank of the United States

4 Appendix

4.1 Abbreviations

4.2 Methodology

4.2.1 Coverage

4.2.2 Secondary Research

4.2.3 Primary Research

4.2.4 Modeling and Forecasting

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