Pumped Storage Plants: Old Concept – New Opportunities

Pumped storage is a well known energy storage technology. The rapidly increasing renewable energy capacity in the grid is acting as a driver for the growth of pumped storage installations. Many countries which already have higher penetration of renewable into grid or are planning for large renewable capacity into grid are planning to ramp-up their pumped storage capacity with the same pace. Even companies with higher wind installation are also looking for development of their own pumped storage plants for optimization for renewable energy sources. The grid friendly characteristics of pumped storage such as frequency-voltage balancing, reserve generation, optimization of base loads clubbed with renewable energy integration; will certainly help in attracting future investments.


Pumped storage operating principle and efficiency

Factors fuelling the growth of pumped storage plants

Pumped storage plants to emerge as key energy storage option

Growth of pumped storage capacity in major regions and future plans

Reasons to buy

Analyse the reasons for the growth of pumped storage plants

Compare pumped storage plants with other energy storage applications

Identify target markets by looking at the expansion plan of major countries

Understand the activities of companies in pumped storage

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