Countries With Cyclonic Activity Expected to Witness Rapid Growth in Wind Power Sector

The wind resource potential of tropical, cyclone-prone areas has not been explored much due to a lack of appropriate technology. Recently, the technological advances in wind turbine models and wind farm systems have encouraged wind investors to explore the rich potential of sites in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. With a total wind resource potential of around 1,600 MW, Thailand is expected to have a cumulative wind installed capacity of 594 MW by 2020. Also, the Philippines’ wind power market is expected to increase in the coming years as it currently has 25 planned wind power projects which will add approximately 845 MW of installed capacity. With a cumulative wind installed capacity of 9 MW in 2009, Vietnam’s Government is also concentrating on developing its wind energy resources. Presently, more than 10 wind power projects are being planned in Vietnam and are expected to add around 500 MW of wind installed capacity in the near future.


Wind Investor’s Focus on Tropical Cyclonic Lands

Wind Energy Development in Cyclonic Areas of Thailand

Wind Energy Development in Cyclonic Areas of Philippines

Wind Energy Development in Cyclonic Areas of Vietnam

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