The Expected “CER Multiplier” Proposal Threatens CDM Investments

The expected “CER Multiplier” proposal has affected the global carbon market. Under the proposal, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) marker participants will be required to buy two tonnes of CO2 to cover carbon emissions equalling one ton. This proposal is welcomed by environmentalists but has threatened the investors in the global carbon market. It has also resulted in an unusual increase in the EUA-CER price gap, which increased to around €2 in May, 2010. This has caused certain unpredictable changes in the carbon market. The expected proposal might increase the focus of European carbon investors towards EUAs in the coming months, thus leading to new trends in the global carbon market.


Its scope includes –

1. Overview of the Emissions Trading

2. Recent CER and EUA market developments

3. Features of the expected “CER Multiplier” proposal

4. Emissions trading market reactions pertaining to the leakage of “CER Multiplier” proposal

Reasons to buy

1. Identify key growth and investment opportunities in the European carbon market on the implementation of either of the proposal

2. Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential in the future scenario

3. Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in emissions trading market

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