Unexpected PV market growth in Germany Sets Stage for New Market Developments in 2010

In December 2009, the capacity installations in Germany rose to 1.46 GW, almost three times the capacity additions of 0.50 GW in November, 2009. Thus, the capacity additions in December, 2009 accounts for 38% of total solar installed capacity of Germany in 2009. With the sharp rise of solar PV installations in Q4 2009, the 2009 German PV market reached 3.87 GW and the global PV market reached 7.30 GW, an increase of 20% as compared to the installations in the previous year. This represents a 220% increase in the actual PV annual installed capacity in Germany as compared to the forecast scenario of 2009. Such unpredictably high PV market growth in Germany has set a platform for a strong H1 2010 global demand as well as pressurized the German government to reduce the solar feed-in tariff rates. The federal government has thereby announced a 16% cut in solar feed-in tariff rates which will be effective as of 1st July, 2010. The German solar PV market is predicted to evolve with new market developments, on firms responding to such policy amendment by sustaining their market position through effective measures.


Its scope includes –

1. Overview of German Solar PV Market

2. Unpredictable Growth of German Solar PV Market in 2009

3. Major Cause of the Unpredictable Market Growth of the German PV market in 2009

4. Effects of This Change on German PV Industry

Reasons to buy

The viewpoint studies on how the new Feed-in Tariff Program will continue to build clean and sustainable energy market development in Germany. It will allow the reader to –

1. Identify key growth and investment opportunities in German solar PV market on the implementation of the program

2. Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential by developing strategies

3. Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in solar PV markets

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