Revised Feed-in Tariff in France to Drive Sustainable Renewable Market Development

Recently, France introduced new feed-in tariff rates to support the sustainable development of its renewable market. As the government encouraged the growth of its biomass and geothermal sectors by increasing the existing tariff rates, it also tried to control the unpredictable market developments in its solar industry by reducing the tariff rates for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop systems by 24%. The new tariff rates for solar aimed at bursting the “solar speculation bubble” that has developed since last year due to excessively high tariff rates. The revision of this tariff rate is intended to result in the sustainable development of France’s solar industry, making this sector still lucrative for long-term investors. In addition, the government also encouraged the development of its biomass industry by increasing its tariff rates by approximately 50% in order to make it cost effective and competitive compared to the fossil fuel market. France is also focusing on exploiting its geothermal resources by encouraging investors through an increase in its tariff rates.


Its scope includes –

1. Overview of France Renewable Power Market

2. France renewable energy targets for sustainable development of its renewable market

3. Comparison of old and new Feed-in Tariff program

4. Impact of new Feed-in Tariff rates on solar PV, geothermal and biomass markets in France

Reasons to buy

The report studies on how the new Feed-in Tariff Program will continue to build clean and sustainable energy market development in France. It will allow the reader to 1. Identify key growth and investment opportunities in France renewable energy market on the implementation of the program

Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential by developing strategies

Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in solar PV, geothermal and biomass markets

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