Siemens to Acquire 49% Interest in A2SEA – Deal Analysis from GlobalData

Siemens AG signed a contract with A2SEA A/S to acquire a minority stake in A2SEA. As per the details of the contract, Siemens will subscribe for new shares of A2SEA, payable in two installments each in 2010 and 2011. The execution of the present deal will help Siemens to retain its market share in the coming years. The deal also helps Siemens to overcome the supply chain bottlenecks and withstand the tough competition in the European offshore wind industry. The acquisition also facilitates the further strengthening of business relations between DONG and Siemens and results a win-win situation to both the companies.


The information related to the acquisition of the A2SEA

A brief on company, A2SEA A/S and Siemens AG

Comparison of similar acquisitions in renewable energy sector, 2009 -10

The rationale behind the acquisition. This includes,

Growing EU Offshore Wind Market

Strategy to Retain its Market Share

Overcoming Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Strategic Partnership with DONG

Reasons to buy

Understand the reasons for the acquisition

Key drivers for the execution of the deal

Assists in understanding the dynamics of Siemens and its competitors in the European offshore wind energy markets.

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