Eskom Completes Project Financing of $260 million for Wind and Solar Power Plants, South Africa

Eskom Holdings Limited, a vertically integrated energy utility company, completed project financing of $260 million for construction and development of two renewable projects, located in South Africa. The two pilot projects include a 100 MW wind power project in Sere and a 100 MW concentrated solar power project in Upington. The projects support the country in catering to the increasing power demand in the country and at the same time decreasing the emissions by the country, utilizing the renewable potential of the country. The financing for the projects was provided by World Bank.


Scope of the Report

The scope of the report includes –

1. The information related to the project finance deal by Eskom

2. A brief on company – Eskom Holdings Limited

3. Comparison of project financedeals in the Renewable Energy Sector

4. The rationale behind project finance by Eskom Holdings Limited

Reasons to buy

Reasons to Buy

The Deal Report attempts to focus on the reason finannce wind project by Eskom Holdings Limited

It will allow the reader to:

1.       Analyze similar project and asset finance deals in the renewable energy sector.

2.       Assists in understanding the impact of the deal.

3. Analyze the projects of Eskom Holdings Limited

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