Renewable Policy Analysis – February, 2011

"This report includes policy updates on the major countries. There are 30 news stories covered in the report. In addition to it, following two articles are covered in detail: 1. Solar Initiatives To Drive Australia Renewable Energy Australia is heavily dependent on coal for electricity. Thermal fuel sources, as in coal, oil and gas, contribute around 80% to the primary energy mix. The country’s growing electricity consumption coupled with concerns about greenhouse gas emissions arising from energy generation have been encouraging increments in the renewable energy capacity. To meet the energy requirements through renewables, the government has been deploying various measures such as Renewable Energy Target Scheme, the Enhanced Renewable Energy Target Scheme, the Australian Capital Territories (ACT), the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program (REDP), the Renewable Energy Fund and the Energy Innovation Fund. 2. Policy Framework for Vietnam Vietnam is a power deficit country and exports electricity from China. The country has been actively increasing its conventional power generation and has also been looking to exploit its vast renewable energy potential. As of now, Vietnam’s wind energy potential is not much explored. The country’s cumulative wind installed capacity in 2009 was 9 MW, although it is capable of producing around 513 MW per annum. It has greater wind resource potential than Thailand or Cambodia. Vietnam’s Ministry of Trade and Industry plans to increase the production of renewable sources by 5% from 2015 to 2025, in which wind and solar power collectively accounts for half of the production target."


"Its scope includes –

1. Featured Articles: Analytical articles related to the impact of major policies on the renewable energy market.

Solar Initiatives To Drive Australia Renewable Energy

The scope of the article includes major regional policies in Australia through which the production of solar energy can be improved. The article details key renewable eenrgy policies such as electricity market licensing regulation and use of renewable energy resources for the generation.

The article Policy Framework for Vietnam – The scope of the article includes the procedure to receive support for electricity prices.

2. Major Policy Updates: Regional renewable policy news for the month"

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"The “Renewable Policy Analysis” provides in depth study of the major renewable policy developments across the globe. It gives regulatory updates for the global renewable energy market which can help the individual/company frame their business strategies while minimizing regulatory risks.

Analyze the impact of changing regulations on the market movement

Solar Initiatives To Drive Australia Renewable Energy – Provides insights on the initiatives on the solar energy adopted by Australian Government.

Policy Framework for Vietnam – The article elaborates the procedure to adopt government support for electricity prices. "

Table of Contents

"1 Table of contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 2

1.2 List of Figures 2

2 Renewable Policy Analysis – January, 2011 3

2.1 Solar Initiatives To Drive Australia Renewable Energy 3

2.1.1 Introduction 3

2.2 Policy Framework for Vietnam 10

2.2.1 Procedure for Direct Support from the State Budget: 11

2.2.2 Disbursement Procedure and Electricty Prices Received as Support: 12

2.3 Key News Highlights: Key Renewable Policy News Alerts of the Month 13

2.3.1 North America 13

24-Jan-2011: BOEMRE To Undertake Conventional Rulemaking Process For Offshore Renewable Energy Rule 13

21-Jan-2011: California Senator Introduces New Legislation To Ensure Competitive Bidding For Public Energy Projects 14

21-Jan-2011: New Jersey General Assembly Approves Legislation Permitting Development Of Solar And PV Energy Facilities On Closed Landfills 15

19-Jan-2011: DOE's GTP Announces New Initiative, The Geothermal Vision Study Date of Story: 15

19-Jan-2011: DOE Announces Two New Efforts To Promote Clean Energy In Tribal Communities 15

18-Jan-2011: Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program Impacts Chicago Homeowners’ Wallets And Energy Efficiency 16

13-Jan-2011: CPUC Authorizes Use Of Tradable Renewable Energy Credits 17

05-Jan-2011: DOE And DOI Propose Solar Energy Zones In Six Western States 18

05-Jan-2011: Environmental Law & Policy Center Releases New Study Of Ohio's Wind And Solar Energy Supply Chain 18

2.3.2 Europe 19

21-Jan-2011: EU Climate Change Committee Bans Certain Industrial Gas Credits 19

20-Jan-2011: Offshore Wind Power In Europe Experiences Significant Growth In 2010: EWEA 19

20-Jan-2011: German Environmental Ministry And German Solar Industry Association Propose To Pre-Pone Additional Reduction In Fees For Solar Power 20

18-Jan-2011: EAEW Announces Six-Fold Increase In Number Of Hydropower Schemes Planned In England And Wales Since 2008 21

11-Jan-2011: Welsh Assembly Government And RWE npower Partner To Help Welsh Firms 22

10-Jan-2011: Jordan Signs Nuclear Cooperation Agreement With Romania 23

10-Jan-2011: China Signs MoU With UK To Promote Low-Carbon Energy 23

04-Jan-2011: EU Will Exceed Renewable Energy Goal Of 20% By 2020: EWEA 24

28-Jan-2011: Taiwan Decreases FiTs Of 2011 Solar Energy Contracts 24

25-Jan-2011: China Temporarily Halts Regulatory Approval For New Polysilicon Projects 24

25-Jan-2011: Japan Likely To Reduce Feed-In Tariffs For Residential Solar Power By

12.5% 25

Indian Power Ministry Announces Update On Measures Taken To Accelerate Hydro Power Capacity 19-Jan-2011 25

2.3.3 Asia Pacific 26

06-Jan-2011: India Approves Amendment In Tariff Policy To Promote Clean Energy 26

05-Jan-2011: Indian Power Ministry Considers Five-Year Exemption For Hydel Projects From Tariff-Based Bidding Regime 26

2.3.4 Middle East and Africa 27

27-Jan-2011: Guinea-Bissau Signs MOC With Chinese Business Groups To Invest In Small Hydroelectric Projects 27

23-Jan-2011: India And Egypt Hold Negotiations For Development Of Renewable Energy Sector In Egypt 27

10-Jan-2011: Jordan Signs Nuclear Cooperation Agreement With Romania 27

09-Jan-2011: Egyptian Ministry Of Electricity And Energy Plans To Produce 2,600MW Of Wind Energy In 2011 28

04-Jan-2011: Algeria To Generate 40% Of Electricity From Renewable Sources By 2010 28

03-Jan-2011: Nigeria Likely To Collaborate With Brazil To Develop Hydro-Power Projects 28

2.3.5 South and Central America 28

14-Jan-2011: El Salvador To Draft Master Plan For Renewable Energy Development 28

2.4 Appendix 29

2.4.1 Abbreviations 29

2.4.2 Methodology 29

Coverage 29

Secondary Research 29

Primary Research 29

Modeling and Forecasting 30

2.4.3 Contact Us 30

2.4.4 Disclaimer 30


List of Tables


Table 1: Renewable Energy Market, Australia, Planned Solar Projects, 2011 4

Table 2: Renewable Energy Market, Australia, Schedule of Solar Credits Multipliers, 2010 6

Table 3: Renewable Energy Market, Australia, Feed-In Tariffs for Solar Energy by State, 2010 7

Table 4: Wind Energy Market, Vietnam, Annual and Cumulative Installed Capacity, MW, 2005–2020 10

Table 5: Abbreviations 29"

List of Figures


Figure 1: Renewable Energy Market, Australia, Historic and Expected CAGR (%), 2000–2020 3

Figure 2: Renewable Energy Market, Australia, Average Annual Daily Direct Normal Irradiation Solar Exposure, 2010 5

Figure 3: Wind Energy Market, Vietnam, Annual and Cumulative Installed Capacity, MW, 2005–2020 10"


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