Renewable Policy Analysis – October, 2010

This report includes policy updates on the major countries. There are 33 news stories covered in the report. In addition to it, following two articles are covered in detail: 1. Green Subsidies are Being Scrutinized under WTO The United Steelworkers union (USW) filed a Section 301 petition with the Obama Administration requesting an investigation of current subsidies and other restrictions imposed by the Chinese government to support its domestic renewable market. Also, on 13th September 2010, the government of Japan launched dispute settlement proceedings against Canada in the WTO. Under this “Request for Consultation”, Japan is challenging Canada’s measures related to domestic content requirements in its FIT and microFIT program. As the renewable power markets of developed countries have already suffered from Chinese law, these countries do not want to further affect their potential growth due to such restrictions by other regions such as, Ontario. 2. The Resurgence of Renewable Energy Funds In the first two quarters of 2010, many countries across the world experienced cuts in their renewable energy funds. The strong requirement to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and to meet renewable energy targets has however meant that governments have now announced funds to support renewable energy in their countries. The Canadian government has announced that it will invest CAD83.8m ($81.6m) on two renewable energy projects through its flagship national clean energy program. The US government has announced around $90m in the month of September. Singapore plans to spend SGD16.1 billion ($12.1 billion) over the next five years to expand its existing research and development programs and make innovation a leading economic driver. Wales will invest $64.8 billion (€50 billion) in renewable energy over the next 15 years to boost economic activity after suffering a blow from the global financial crisis. The Australian government is boosting its clean energy efforts with an AUD40m ($35.7m) infusion for developing emerging renewable energy technologies under a new program.


Its scope includes –

1. Featured Articles: Analytical articles related to the impact of major policies on the renewable energy market.

Green Subsidies are Being Scrutinized under WTO

WTO violations by China under renewable energy sector

Ontario Follows China by Applying "Local Content Requirements"

Japan’s WTO Allegations about Ontario’s Green Energy FIT Programs

Future Scenario

The Resurgence of Renewable Energy Funds

Major Government investments recently announced in clean energy sector globally

France to Shift Renewable Energy Package Spending Strategy

Resurgence of the US Renewable Energy Policy

Australia to Boost Renewable Energy

2. Major Policy Updates: Regional renewable policy news for the month

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The “Renewable Policy Analysis” provides in depth study of the major renewable policy developments across the globe. It gives regulatory updates for the global renewable energy market which can help the individual/company frame their business strategies while minimizing regulatory risks.

Analyze the impact of changing regulations on the market movement

Green Subsidies are Being Scrutinized under WTO– Provides insightful data on the WTO violations by China and Ontario through their green subsidies and impact of it on the future market outlook based on which certain financial decisions such as when to invest, which technology to invest and the influencing factors for the company’s growth can be determined.

The Resurgence of Renewable Energy Funds– To identify the upcoming investment opportunities in the global renewable market

Develop strategy based on the upcoming trends in the global renewable energy market

Identify target markets by looking at the policies of major countries

Understand regional policy trends

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