Renewable Policy Analysis – May, 2010

This report includes policy updates on the major countries. There are 35 news stories covered in the report. In addition to it, following article is covered in detail: 1. Amendments to the Renewable Energy Law in China On 26th December, 2009 the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee passed a decision on the amendment of the Renewable Energy Law (REL), which came into force on April 1, 2010. The REL, passed in January 2006, lays down legislative guidelines for the development of the renewable energy sector in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The major issue addressed by the amendment of the 2006 Act is to provide mandatory targets to the grid enterprises for the connection of renewable energy projects to the grid.


1. Featured Article: Analytical article related to the impact of major policies on the renewable energy market.

Amendments to the Renewable Energy Law in China

Overview of the Renewable Energy Law

Major amendments

Guaranteed Take

Mandatory Grid Connection Policy

Developing Grid Capacity

Renewable Energy Fund

2. Major Policy Updates: Regional renewable policy news for the month

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The “Renewable Policy Analysis” provides in depth study of the major renewable policy developments across the globe. It gives regulatory updates for the global renewable energy market which can help the individual/company frame their business strategies while minimizing regulatory risks.

Analyze the impact of changing regulations on the market movement

Amendments to the Renewable Energy Law in China– Provides insightful data on the amended Renewable Energy Law and impact of it on the future market outlook based on which certain financial decisions such as when to invest, which technology to invest and the influencing factors for the company’s growth can be determined.

Develop strategy based on the upcoming trends in the global renewable energy market

Identify target markets by looking at the policies of major countries

Understand regional policy trends

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