IT Services Contracts – Quarterly Review Q1, 2021

GlobalData’s IT Services Contracts – Quarterly Review Q1 2021 report provides detailed analysis of the IT services contracts announced in 2021, in terms of their total contract value (TCV), annual contract value (ACV), contract value band, primary IT service type, geographic region, vertical market, and primary vendor. It also provides a summary of the top 10 contracts announced over the course of the year and the key contracts expiring in the next year.


– The report brings together GlobalData’s research and analysis expertise to support ICT vendors in identifying the trends dominating the IT services contract announced across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other regions.

Reasons to buy

This IT services contracts review report provides an insights into IT contracts in the technology industry across the world in Q1 2021, including –

– A global snapshot of IT service contracts trends across different segments, geographies, and verticals in the technology sector.

– Information about key IT services vendor impacting the IT service market.

– Detailed insights related to key contracts that are expiring in the coming year.

– Understand the key factors that are driving the IT service market landscape.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Key highlights

Contract review – Quarterly comparison

Top ten contracts summary – Q1 2021

Contracts expiring in the next four quarters



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