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Future Unicorns in Fintech

Based on the GlobalData Machine Learning Model’s proprietary ranking of 10,000 top startups, 120 fintech startups have been shortlisted globally with 50 of them predicted to become future unicorns. The 10k top startups in the scorecard have spread over 70 countries with the US accounting for half of them, followed by China. Positive sentiments in news, continued VC investments, increase in hiring clubbed with growing fintech mentions in company filings indicate that the fintech sector has high interest for both VCs and corporates.

Startups in fintech across the sectors, right from digital payments to Insurtech; from mobile banking to cross-border payments are riding the strong tailwinds of investor focus on tech-driven financial services. Whether to enhance efficiency in the usage of financial services provided by existing financial companies or to increase customer retention through speed and convenience, startups are transforming the Financial Services & allied sectors with tech-driven solutions. Ranging from digital payments to Insurtech or from mobile banking to cross-border payments, startups aim to disrupt finance using modern technologies and innovative business models to attract various new-age consumers.

What are the market dynamics in the future unicorns for the fintech sector?

COVID-19 has certainly provided tailwinds to the sector, as more consumers turned to Fintech solutions to manage their finances. New opportunities keep emerging in the Fintech sector across the globe which bodes well for the startups working in the space. More companies in their corporate filings are mentioning their Fintech-related initiatives.

Fintech startups have seen continuous interest by VCs from 2016 to 2018, before declining in 2019 & 2020 and recuperating in 2021 YTD (even surpassing 2018 investment level). VCs are primarily funding Early and growth stage Fintech startups. Moreover, Patent filings peaked out in 2019 and declined in 2020, while patent grants were at their highest in 2020.

What are the regional investment activities related to fintech?

With more than 600 deals globally, North America accounted for more than 40% of this investment volume. Almost one-fourth of total investments were in the Asia Pacific, primarily involving startups based in China.

Fintech regional investment activity, in Q3 2021

Fintech regional investment activity, in Q3 2021

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What are the critical sectors in the startup universe of 10k top startups?

Critical sectors in the startup universe of 10k top startups include TMT, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, and retailing, followed by other sectors.

Critical sectors in the startup universe of 10k top startups

Critical sectors in the startup universe of 10k top startups

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Market report scope

Key players covered

Ladder; Boost Insurance; PayActiv; Open; Brighte; Athena; Capital Floath; Tala; XTransfer; Paysend; Ocrolus; Moneytree; RecargaPay; Balancehero India Private Limited (BHI)


  • Based on GlobalData’s proprietary ranking of 10,000 top startups, 120 Fintech startups globally are shortlisted, of which 50 startups are predicted to become future unicorns based on GlobalData’s proprietary Machine Learning Model. The 10,000 top startups are spread over 70 countries with the US accounting for half of them, followed by China. Critical sectors in the startup universe include TMT (55%), Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (11%), Financial Services (7%), and Retailing (4%), followed by other sectors.

  • Predicting Future Fintech Unicorns by combining Startup Scorecard and Machine Learning model using 3 broad Patenting, Hiring and Investments trends in Fintech Startups over the years. Unicorn Prediction came out to be true in recent years.

Key Highlights

The report highlights potential unicorns in the Fintech market ecosystem and covers insights on VC investments, stage of startups, Fintech regional investment activity, job analytics, company filing trends, and patenting activity. Comprehensive view on innovative Fintech startups with cutting-edge expertise spanning across sectors are predicted to become tomorrow’s unicorns.

Reasons to Buy

GlobalData’s Potential Unicorns list offers early predictive intelligence and enables one to spot tomorrow’s winners today. The model identifies venture-funded companies which have the potential to become unicorns (a valuation of at least $1 billion) driven by GlobalData’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm which decodes millions of interactions between key deal attributes.

Companies Mentioned

Ladder Financial Inc., Xtransfer Ltd., Tala, UpLift Inc., PaySend Group, YieldStreet Inc., PayActiv, Inc., Open Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd, Athena Mortgage Pty Ltd, Ocrolus Inc, Brighte Capital Pty Ltd, Bestow Agency LLC, Payoff, Inc. , Pay with Privacy, Inc. , RecargaPay Inc, PT Payfazz Teknologi Nusantara, Credit Sesame, Inc , Nova Credit Inc, Tally Technologies Inc, Self Lender Inc. , Camden Town Technologies Pvt Ltd, TransferGo Ltd, CapFloat Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Roofstock Inc, Securitize Inc, Money Tree Co., Ltd. , Nav Technologies Inc, Digital Moneybox Ltd, CrossLend GmbH, Koho Financial Inc, EverCompliant Ltd. , Funding Societies Pte Ltd., Sensibill Inc., Lendio Inc., Magnum Research Ltd., Balance Hero Co Ltd., Wagestream Technology Ltd., Finix Payments Inc., Boost Insurance USA, Inc., CompareAsiaGroup Ltd., Azimo Ltd., PayJoy Inc., FinLocker LLC, Borrowell Inc., Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd., Loantap Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd., Blue Jay Finlease Ltd., PT Digital Alpha Indonesia, U‑Nest Inc, Social Worth Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PowerPoint Deck)

1) Fintech Landscape

1.1) VC investment trends

1.2) Investment by stage of startups

1.3) Regional investment activity Q3 2021

1.4) Patent Trends

1.5) Hiring Trends

1.6) Company Filing Analysis

1.7) Trending on Social Media

2) Fintech Startups Predicted to be Unicorns

3) Fintech Unicorns

4) Methodology

List of Tables

Top Ranked Fintech Startups, Startup Scorecard: Sample View

List of Figures

Top Ranked Fintech Startups, Startup Scorecard: Sample View

Frequently Asked Questions

Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South & Central America, and Middle East & Africa are the key regions with fintech investment activities, in Q3 2021.

Ladder, Boost Insurance, PayActiv, Open, Brighte, Athena, Capital Floath, Tala, XTransfer, Paysend, Ocrolus, Moneytree, RecargaPay, and Balancehero India Private Limited (BHI) are the key players covered in the report.


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