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The Future of Sustainability in Oil & Gas

This collection of reports explores the future of sustainability in oil and gas. The reports focus on four key themes: circular plastic economy, International Maritime Organization (IMO), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and gas flaring.

The reports will help clients identify and mitigate factors that contribute to negative consequences and pursue actions to improve performance. The reports provide a checklist for CEOs to ensure their management policies and practices address all aspects of sustainability.


Circular Plastic Economy

This chapter assesses why circular plastic economy has become a critical theme globally and how it is likely to impact different stakeholders, as well as analyzing various challenges created due to plastic pollution and how circular plastic economy can help address these challenges. It also highlights the measures adopted by plastic recycling technology vendors, plastic user companies, and oil and gas companies in enabling the circular plastic economy.

Gas Flaring

This chapter reviews the major gas flaring countries and their efforts to reduce flaring activities. Explore the oil and gas industry leaders and their involvement in curtailing gas flaring activities and highlights the various trends influencing the theme. It also analyses the gas flaring value chain and identifies major players as leaders and laggards, based on their commitments and actions pertaining gas flaring.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

This chapter provides a comprehensive ESG framework with identification of contributing factors for each of the environmental, social, and governance and mitigating actions companies can take against them. Explore all the technological and macroeconomic trends relevant to ESG in oil and gas with explanation of their ramifications.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020

This chapter provides an overview of IMO 2020 as a theme within the oil and gas industry, encompassing refiners across different regions and highlights the prevalent industry and regulatory trends impacting the theme. It explores the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the theme with an assessment of competitive positions of some of the refinery operators and shipping companies.

Reasons to Buy

  • Evaluate the challenges of plastic pollution and steps taken to mitigate it.
  • Identify the key industry, technology, and regulatory trends impacting the global gas flaring activity.
  • Survive future demand drops and inhospitable regulation by understanding the threats and opportunities ESG concerns present to the industry. Position yourself for future success by making the correct ESG investments.
  • Understand the importance of IMO 2020 regulation for the global refining and shipping industries.

Table of Contents

Chapter one – Circular Plastic Economy

Concept Brief

Linear to circular transition

Plastic pollution

Imagining a circular plastic economy


Oil and gas trends

Technology trends

Regulatory trends

Industry Analysis

Global scenario for plastic management

Sustainability with plastics: Methodologies and policies


Oil and gas companies

User companies

Recycling technology companies

Chapter two – Gas Flaring

Executive summary


Technology Briefing

Gas flaring process

Types of flares

Types of flaring


Industry trends

Technology trends

Regulatory trends

Industry analysis

Leading gas flaring countries

Emission targets of flaring companies

Flaring and regulations in midstream and downstream sectors

Mitigating gas flaring


Value chain



Sector scorecard

Independent oil and gas companies’ scorecard

Chapter three – ESG

Executive summary

GlobalData’s ESG framework

Contributing factors and mitigating actions


Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

The ESG action feedback loop

ESG challenges in oil and gas

Environmental challenges

Social challenges

Governance challenges

Case studies




ESG timeline


Sector scorecard

Integrated oil and gas sector scorecard

Chapter four – IMO 2020

Executive summary



Regulatory trends

Industry trends

Industry analysis

IMO 2020 regulation bringing widespread disruption in refining industry

Preparedness of global refiners in supplying LSFO to major bunkering hubs

Impact of COVID–19 on bunker fuel demand

IMO 2030: the way forward


Refinery operators

Shipping companies

Appendix: Ongoing refinery expansions

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