Mobile Payments: Emerging Trends and Future Outlook

This report is the result of an extensive survey. Respondents were drawn from the GlobalData Industry Insight Panel, an exclusive industry panel covering over 2 million business professionals worldwide. These business communities are made up of qualified professionals, enabling GlobalData to access knowledgeable and informed industry opinions.

Comprehensive secondary research was also conducted from financial services industry sources, with a focus on customer perceptions of mobile payments, including shares of payments conducted by mobile phone and key aspects affecting growth in the use of mobile payments.


• Analysis of the projected changes in payments by mobile phone over the next six months.

• Details of key drivers of payments by mobile phone.

• Assessment of frequently purchased product categories.

• Satisfaction levels for mobile phone transactions.

• Insight into consumer concerns over payments by mobile phone.

• Expected security features to be provided by mobile payment service providers.

• Examination of the extent of global mobile phone use for payments.

• Analysis of the percentage changes expected in payments by mobile phone.

• The major factors influencing increased use of mobile payments.

• Insight into the key reasons behind growth in use and acceptance of mobile payments.

Key Highlights

What proportion of respondents use mobile phones for payment transactions?

What is the percentage of customers who anticipate an increase of 5–25% in payments through mobile phones over the next six months?

Which key factors will encourage customers to increase their use of mobile payments?

What are the key drivers for payments through mobile phones globally, regardless of the consumer age group surveyed?

Which product category is purchased by the highest percentage of survey respondents from North America?

What issue is of little or no concern to both male and female respondents when making payments by mobile phone?

Reasons to buy

• Identify the extent of mobile payment transactions to inform overall strategy for mobile payment platforms.

• Make strategic decisions using insight into projected changes in mobile phone payments over the next six months.

• Analyze frequently purchased product categories to devise effective sales and marketing strategy.

• Investigate security features that customers expect from mobile payment service providers, to strengthen security and improve customer satisfaction.

• Evaluate customer satisfaction levels for specific mobile phone transactions, and improve service offerings accordingly.

Table of Contents

• Methodology and sample size

• Extent of mobile phone use for payment transactions

• Percentage of total payment transactions through mobile phones

• Projected change in payments by mobile phone over the next six months

• Frequency of overseas payments through mobile phones

• Factors influencing the increased use of mobile payments by customers

• Key drivers for payments through mobile phones

• Frequently purchased product categories through mobile phones

• Satisfaction regarding mobile phone transactions

• Concerns regarding mobile payment transactions

• Expected security features from mobile payment service providers

• Appendix

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