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Exploring Sports Tourism – Insight into sporting holidays, sport events, and what the future holds for the industry

GlobalData’s "Exploring Sports Tourism", report analyses the sports tourism industry, including who partakes in such activities, how to target this market, what the future holds for the industry, as well as a deep dive into a number of segments in this market. These include, skiing and snowboarding, golf, surfing, and the Olympic Games.

Sports tourism falls into two categories: sporting holidays and sports events. Popular sporting holidays include skiing and golf, while events which attract a large amount of tourists include the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Sporting holidays are growing in popularity as health consciousness has risen globally and exercise has become more frequent. Meanwhile, sporting events continue to attract a large amount of media coverage, making these events very appealing for tourists to attend.

The sports tourism industry faces a number of challenges in the future. Prime examples include the high expense involved with a number of sporting holidays which prices out millennials. As well as the growing reluctance of cities to host major sporting events due to the major cost and limited long-term economic benefit.


– Tourists who go on sporting holidays and go to sporting events generally have high spending power.

– A number of sporting holidays face a number of challenges including a shrinking boomer generation, who these holidays are most popular amongst.

– Tourists who undertake sporting holidays commonly fall under a certain demographic and income band and hence have unique needs which industry players need to understand.

Reasons to Buy

– Sports is the fastest-growing sector in the global tourism industry, estimated to be worth US$800 billion globally.

– The growing trend of health consciousness means the strong growth of this sector will continue in the future, capitalizing on this highly valuable market should be a goal for industry players.

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Crystal Ski Holidays

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


What is sports tourism?

Why do people engage in sports tourism?

Who goes on sporting holidays?


Skiing & snowboarding



Olympic Games


What does the future hold for sports tourism?

What can the industry do to benefit?


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