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Engineering Microorganisms into Powerful Micromachines: Can Synthetic Biology Foster Bio-Revolution?​

Achieving global goals such as mass-scale food production and sustainable low-cost manufacturing methods is the need of the hour. Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is a field of science that has grown over the last two decades to emerge as a mature area in biological engineering with its potential to reduce the costs of biological production methods and improve the global food supply. It also can be crucial to create patient-centric drugs and promote precision medicine for better health outcomes.

SynBio is commercialized in two major stages: ‘biofoundry’ where new biotechnologies are rapidly designed, built, and tested, and ‘biorefinery’ where the newly formed products are scaled, demonstrated, and mass-produced. Total funding in SynBio has surpassed $4B by August 2021, primarily aimed at bioingredients development and life sciences research. Low-cost biomanufacturing and DNA sequencing methods have sparked investor interest in exploring SynBio into food manufacturing and therapeutics.

This report highlights the importance of SynBio in the design and creation of biological entities that do not exist in nature or reengineer existing biological systems to develop products like medicines, chemicals, ingredients, and advanced materials to revolutionize the way we live and build a sustainable economy.

What are the market dynamics in synthetic biology (SynBio)?

SynBio has the potential to reduce the costs of biological production methods and become a key solution to improve the global food supply. SynBio technologies can assist in biomanufacturing to potentially reduce industrial carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It integrates digitalization with intelligent biological principles to create biofertilizers and pesticides that cause no harm to human and aquatic life. SynBio can be crucial to create patient-centric drugs and promote personalized medicine. CAR-T-cells represent the most relevant SynBio-inspired therapeutics to target cancer treatments.

What are the brand-new applications of SynBio potential?

Space: Via its BioNutrients experiment, NASA is testing an in-space nutrient production method that uses genetically engineered baker’s yeast to produce specific antioxidants in space.

Automotive: Bio-rubber and other types of elastomers obtained by fusing SynBio can be used in the tire and soft part industries.

Mining: Biomining with the aid of SynBio could envisage the use of acidophilic microbes to facilitate the recovery process of metals from sulfide minerals in the processes of bioleaching and bio-oxidation. SynBio could be increasingly used in biomining processes.

Utilities: For bio-inspired electrocatalysts microorganisms can create biocatalysts, the direct coupling of which to electron transport can produce high-energy aviation fuels.

Packaging: Replacing traditional polymers such as polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene, PHA bioplastics obtained via SynBio route can be used in convenience food packaging.

Other potential areas: In artificial photosynthesis research, SynBio enables the optimization of existing photosynthetic systems to create new photosynthetic systems that do not exist in nature to generate new plant phenotypes.

Country-wise share by VC deals value, Jan 2016- June2021

Country-wise share by VC deals value, Jan 2016- June2021

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Who are the players in synthetic bio?

SynBio companies design and build biological systems that process information, create chemicals, fabricate materials and structures to enhance the quality of human health. Key players include Abbvie, Absci, ADM, Adrestia, AgBiome, Agilent, Agrigenetics, Agrimetis, Bruker, Calysta, Calyxt, Cargill, GRO Biosciences, and Hera BioLabs.

Market report scope

New application potential Space, automotive, utilities, mining packaging and other areas
Companies Covered Abbvie, Absci, ADM, Adrestia, AgBiome, Agilent, Agrigenetics, Agrimetis, Bruker, Calysta, Calyxt, Cargill, GRO Biosciences, Hera BioLabs, Hexagon Bio, Hitachi, Hookipa Biotech, Hoxton Farms, Huawei, Human Genome Sciences, Humane Genomics, IBM, ICRISAT, igenebio, Illumina among others.


  • Technology Decoding: presents the technology overview, key features, market drivers, major applications, and a market map with potential use cases and popular companies.
  • Media & Trend Analysis: highlights the technology presentation from the media perspective, mainly major news and social media mentions promoting the technology. The section also includes mentions of SynBio technologies from company annual and other filings as well as recent job trends and postings from big corporations.
  • Investment Radar: outlines the venture capital funding trends with some of the popular deals, areas where the smart money is flowing, and notable investors and accelerators pumping money into the technology growth.
  • Innovation Explorer: highlights the game-changing biotech company and startup innovations, as well as select strategic initiatives of enterprises inclined at new product development. The section also captures innovative biofoundaries and presents SynBio products which penetrated phase III trials and higher stages.
  • IP Landscaping: provides a top-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, priority countries, key patent filers by industry segmentation, and use cases.
  • The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, use cases that can become successful with business leaders, potential applications in new horizons, and the outlook of the technology in near future.

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Key Players

10X Genomics, 23&me, 4DMT, AB InBev, Abbvie, Absci, ADM, Adrestia, AgBiome, Agilent, Agrigenetics, Agrimetis, Agrivida, Air Protein, Alexandria Real Estate Equity Inc, Allonnia, Amgen, Amunix, Amyris, Andes, Antheia, Apeel Biosciences, AquaBounty Technologies, ARCH Venture Capital, Arkema, Arsenal Bio, Artios, Artiva, Arzeda, Asimov, AstraZeneca, Atlas Venture Inc, Atomwise, AzarGen Biotechnologies, Azitra, Bactolife, BASF, BASF Venture Capital, Bayer, Beam Therapeutics, Beijing Biocytogen, Benson Hill, BEOnChip, BGI, Biogen, Biomason, Bio-Rad, Biota, Bolt Therapeutics, Bolt Threads, Bota Biosciences, BP, Bristol Meyers, Bruker, Calysta, Calyxt, Cargill, Caribou Biosciences, Celgene, Cellarity, Cellectis, CG Oncology, China National Chemical Corp, Chromatin, CinderBio, Clara Foods, Clariant, Coca Cola, Codexis, Conagen, Corbion, Corteva, Cysbio, Danaher, Decode Genetics, Dell, Dow, DSM, Dupont, Editas Medicine, eGenesis, ElevateBio, Eligo Bioscience, EnginZyme, Evolva Holdings, Evolve Biosystems, Evonik, ExxonMobil, Flagship Pioneering, Future Fields, Future Meat, GE Research, Genecis, Genedata, Genome Company, Genomic Vision, Genopole, Gent Bio, Gingko Bioworks, GlycosBio, Google, GreenLight Biosciences, GRO Biosciences, Hera BioLabs, Hexagon Bio, Hitachi, Hookipa Biotech, Hoxton Farms, Huawei, Human Genome Sciences, Humane Genomics, IBM, ICRISAT, igenebio, Illumina, Impossible Foods, Inari, Industrial Microbes, Ineos, Inscripta, Insitro, GlaxoSmithKline, Integrated DNA Technologies, JLabs, Johnson & Johnson, Just Foods, Kaiima, Keygene, Kheiron, Khosla Ventures, Kinnva, Kite Pharma, Kriya Therapeutics, L’Oreal, Lab Central, Lanzatech, Leaps by Bayer, Light Bio, Lonza, Lululemon, Lux Capital, Lygos, Mammoth Biosciences, Manus Bio, Meatable, Merck, Michelin, Microsoft, Modern Meadow, Monsanto, Mosa Meat, Motif, Mussel Polymers, Nature’s Sources, Nebula Genomics, New Age Meats, Nike, Nomad Foods, Novartis, Novartis Ventures, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Novoloop, Novozymes, NRGene, Omega Therapeutics, Orbimed Ventures, Origin Bio, Outpace, P&G, Pandion Therapeutics, Pepsico, Perfect Day, Perkin Elmer, Pfizer, Pfizer Ventures, Photanol, Pivot Bio, Plant Sensory Systems, Polaris Private Equity, Poseida Therapeutics, Precigen, Precision Biosciences, rBio, Recombinetics Inc., Recursion, Redefine Meats, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Reliance Industries Limited, Resilience, Roche, S.V Health Ventures, SABIC, Saint-Gobain, Samsung, Sanatech Seeds, Sangamo, Sankyo Co Ltd, Sanofi, Scribe Therapeutics, Seattle Genetics, Second Genome, SentiBio, Shape Therapeutics, Shell, Shenyang Tonglian, Sherlock Biosciences, Sinopec, Siolta Therapeutics, Soffinova Ventures, Sonoma, Sony, Spiber, Startup Health, Stratcode, Sumitomo, Syngenta, Synlogic, Synthace, Synthego, Synthekine, Tata Chemicals, Terravia, TeselaGen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Triton Algae Innovations, Twist Biosciences, Unilever, Upside Foods, Verily, Verve Therapeutics, Viridos, Zymergen, Visolis, Vivet Therapeutics, WarpBio, Werewolf Therapeutics, Y Combinator, Yara, Zydus Cadilla, ZymoChem

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Technology Decoding: Overview, Key applications, and Major market players

2. Media Analysis: News publication trends, Thought leadership, Social media traction, Company filings

3. Investment Radar: VC investment trends, Top countries by most deals, Top funded startups, Most active investors and accelerators

4. Innovation Explorer: Key innovators: startups under spotlight and major enterprises in action

5. IP Landscaping: IP Filing trends

6. The Road Ahead: Drivers and challenges, Emerging concepts, Potential use cases for business leaders, Futuristic industry applications, Outlook

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Abbvie, Absci, ADM, Adrestia, AgBiome, Agilent, Agrigenetics, Agrimetis, Bruker, Calysta, Calyxt, Cargill, GRO Biosciences, Hera BioLabs are few of the companies covered.


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