ForeSights: Functional Mushrooms – A superfood blurring the lines between nutrition and medicine

Functional mushrooms such as chaga, reishi, shiitake, and maitake are gaining appeal as a "superfood" ingredient in a diverse array of food and drinks, as well as skincare and haircare products.

Functional mushrooms, also called "medicinal mushrooms," are a select group of edible mushrooms that provide nutritive and sensory value, as well as substantial health and medicinal benefits.


– Functional mushrooms are versatile ingredients that can be incorporated into a diverse array of food and beverage formats to offer convenience to consumers.

– These nutrient-dense mushrooms address the growing consumer demand for fresh, natural, and “clean” foods.

– Owing to their purported medicinal properties, functional mushrooms can appeal to consumers who are striving to attain health and wellness through their diets.

– Extracts of functional mushrooms can serve as an natural substitutes for a host of synthetic ingredients, thereby paving the way for "cleaner" cosmetics and personal care products.

Reasons to buy

– Provides an early warning system for emerging trends, threats, and opportunities in fast-moving consumer goods.

– Drives analysis of potential future consumer behavior.

– Generates ideas and inspiration for new product development.

Companies mentioned


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Back to the Roots

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 5

2. What? 6

3. Why? 7

4. Take-Outs 15

5. Appendix 20


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