ForeSights: Makhana (Popped Lotus Seeds) – An emerging “superfood” with great potential to capitalize on demand for healthy snacks

Makhana's multiple health benefits, such as low levels of sodium and high potassium and magnesium, help to address issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, and erectile dysfunction. These health benefits make makhana an ideal snack among health-focused consumers.

Makhana is emerging as a new superfood snacking ingredient due to its high nutritional content.


– Makhana snacks can help address key consumer health concerns such as stress, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, and indigestion.

– The ingredient's high protein content will help fuel demand for makhana snacks.

– Makhana's "gluten-free" claim is increasingly leading to its popularity.

– Makhana brands are launching new flavors to keep pace with consumer demand for innovation.

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Companies mentioned


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Shakti Sudha

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Table of Contents

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