Consumer and Market Insights: Spirits in Peru

The Peruvian Spirits market registered high growth in US$ terms, despite slight fluctuation in the exchange rates during 2010-2015. The Rum category has the highest volume share in the overall Spirits market. The Vodka category is expected to register fastest value growth among all categories during 2015-2020 and is also expected to record maximum gain in market share during the same period. Consumers in Peru are opting for value for money products in the Spirits market.


• The Rum category is forecast to register the fastest volume growth during 2015-2020.

• The Vodka category is the largest value category in the Peruvian Spirits market.

• On-trade transactions account for the highest distribution share in the Gin & Genver category.

• Jose Cuervo is the leading brand in the Tequila & Mezcal category.

• Screw Top is the commonly used closure type in Peruvian Spirits market.

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Identify high potential categories and explore further market opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis

Existing and new players can analyze key distribution channels to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities

Gain an understanding of the total competitive landscape based on detailed brand share analysis to plan effective market positioning

Companies mentioned

Bardinet S.A.S

Bacardi Limited

Bardinet S.A.S

Belvedere Sa

Barceló Export Import


Bodegas Viñas De Oro

Bodegas y Viñedos Tabernero SAC

Beam Suntory Inc.

AB Stumbras

Brown-Forman Corporation

Cartavio Rum Company

Cabo Blanco

Compañia Licorera De Nicaragua


Corporacion Agroindustrial Omega S.R.L.

Diageo Plc

Distell Group Limited

Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A.

Destilerías Unidas S.A.

Destileria Gran Cruz SAC

Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia

E.Copello S.R.L

El Sarcay De Azpitia

Engarrafamento Pitu Ltda.

Finca Rotondo

Illva Saronno S.P.A.

Grupo Comercial Bari S.A.

J.Wray & Nephew Limited

Inca Spirits

Grupo Cuervo

Miguel Torres Sa

Licores Casajus

London Group Llc

Manuel Muñoz Najar SAC

Mast-Jägermeister Se

Mitjans S.A.

Manuel Muñoz Najar SAC

Milagro De Pozo Santo


Pernod Ricard S.A.

Remy Coitreau Group

Pisco Cepas De Loro

Pisco Vargas Acholado

Patrón Spirits International Ag

Sogrape Vinhos


The Osborne Group

Santiago Queirolo

Sol De Ica

Spi Group

The Edrington Group

Viejo Tonel S.A.C.

Viña Ocucaje S.A

Viña Tacama S.A.

William Grant & Sons Ltd.

Table of Contents


• Report Scope

Country Context

• Macroeconomic indicators –GDP Per Capita, Population, Consumer Price Index and Age Profile

Market Overview

• Value and volume analysis for Peru's Spirits market

• Impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Peru’s Spirits market

• Degree of trade up/down in Peru's Spirits market

• Volume analysis by category

• Market value and growth rates, by category

• Historic and forecast value analysis by category

• Winners and losers by categories with change in market share

• Segment share in a category (value terms) and change in market share

• Average category level pricing

Retail Landscape and Key Distribution Channels

• Leading retailers in Peru’s Wine & Spirits market

• Leading distribution channels (volume terms) in Peru's Spirits market

• Leading distribution channels (volume terms) by category

Competitive Landscape

• Market share of leading brands (in volume terms) by category


• Spirits market by type of packaging material/container (in volume terms)

• Spirits market by type of packaging closure/outer (in volume terms)

• Spirits market by type of packaging, forecast (in volume terms)


• Country context

• Category value and volume data

• Sector Overview

• Segment data

• Packaging data

• Category definitions

• Segment definitions

• Channel definitions

• Methodology

• About Canadean

List of Tables

Table 1: Market value analysis in PEN and US$, 2010-2020

Table 2: Market volume growth analysis, 2010-2020

Table 3: Exchange rate fluctuations: US$ to PEN

Table 4: Market volume growth, by category, 2015-2020

Table 5: Segment level analysis by category, 2015

Table 6: Average price per litrecomparison by categories

Table 7: Leading retailers

Table 8: Leading brands by category, 2015

List of Figures

Figure 1: Macro economic analysis: GDP per capita, Population, CPI (2010-2015), Age Profile (2015)

Figure 2: Market volume analysis, 2010-2020

Figure 3: Consumers purchase behavior -Trading up/down, 2015

Figure 4: Market volume share analysis by category, 2015

Figure 5: Market value growth analysis by category, 2010-2020

Figure 6: Historic and forecast value analysis by category, 2010-2020

Figure 7: Change in market share by category, 2015-2020

Figure 8: Leading distribution channels, overall Wine & Spirits, 2012-2015

Figure 9: Leading distribution channels, overall Spirits market, 2015

Figure 10: Leading distribution channels by category, 2015

Figure 11: Brand share analysis by category (by volume), 2015

Figure 13: Packaging analysis –key packaging material, container, closure and outer type, 2015

Figure 14:Growth in key packaging material, container, closure and outer type, 2015-2020


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